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One of our favorite things to shop for are the unique, handmade products from small shops. And places like Etsy are the perfect spot to find those types of products. As we’ve delved into Etsy we found a plethora of Black-Owned Etsy shops and their products that we’re obsessed with. So, here are 10 Black-Owned Etsy shops you don’t wanna miss. From ancient Egypt-inspired jewelry to beautiful handmade quilts, you’ll find everything you need for the perfect gift for a loved one or a little treat for yourself. 

  • MAW Supply

    From MAW Supply, Houston-based designers Rachelle and Norman Clark offer vintage gender-neutral designs. 


    “MAW” stands for “man and woman,” a reference to the gender-neutral section of their shop which was inspired by the couple’s own preference for blending traditionally masculine and feminine designs per Etsy.

    If you’re looking for a statement bag, look no further. MAW Supply has a vintage cherry red faux leather bag that will make any outfit pop. 

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  • Gee’s Bend Quilters

    The Gee’s Bend Quilters and their quilts embody storytelling, resilience, and beauty. Since the early 1920s, the women have quilted hundreds of patchwork masterpieces, passing their expertise and patterns down through the years per Etsy. 


    Sharon Williams, one of the quilters explained why she likes to quilt, “I quilt because it makes me happy! My favorite thing is when people like them.”  


    Another quilter, Caster Pettway said, “When people look at my work, they know me, the person that I am.”  

    Shop Sharon’s shop from Gee Bend who has beautiful wall tapestries for your home or quilted tote bags that will for sure be a staple in your bag collection.

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  • Candice Luter Art + Home

    Shop owner Candice Luter and her talented team of seven work closely with customers to create one-of-a-kind,macrame-inspired art installationsthat can be tailor-made to suit your space and taste. 


    When asked how she started with working with macrame Candice explained, “I looked at macramewith admiration and thought, “Maybe I can manipulate rope to make the shapes that I want.”

    Luter’s made-to-order half-circle fringe mirror is just what you need for a bohemian feel to your home. The mirror measures at 15” tall by 30” and is available in 6 colors (Silver, Taupe, Black Ecru, Ivory and Navy).

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  • Omi Woods Shop

    Toronto-based designer Ashley Alexis McFarlane launched the Omi Wood Shop featuring a line of gold and silver pieces that celebrate customers personal heritage, cultivate a deeper appreciation for ancient cultures, and begin building their own collections to share with future generations,” per Etsy. 


    McFarlane describes her aesthetic as a little ancient but also contemporary.” She envisions her future customer as someone who appreciates the African diaspora, It’s for the folks who are like, “I’ve never seen acoin with a Black woman on it, and I want that piece.” Or it’s for a person who thinks, “This woman was an amazing person in history. She may not be the same skin color as me, but I really love Cleopatra.”

    Step up your jewelry game with one of McFarlane’s signature designs, the Cleopatra pendant, which is available in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Vermeil (18K Gold over Sterling Silver), Solid 10K Gold, and Solid 14K Gold.

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  • M. Koby Art

    Miami-based creative Melissa Koby’s“the Quarantine series” launched her illustration shop M. Koby Art with depictions of women drinking wine, meditating reminiscent of normalcy amidst times uncertainty. I made these images to connect with people, to try and make them feel seen during a difficult time,” Melissa says. “I wanted to invoke a mood of peace, warmth, and safety.” 


    When asked about her aesthetic Koby says shes drawn to “very warm color palette of beige-y, pinky colors.”  


    Her art also features women of color who are faceless claiming, “I always keep my subjects faceless, because in addition to normalizing seeing women of color in illustrations, I want to leave expression open to interpretation. The viewer can decide what emotion they want to get from my work.” 

    The hand-painted print on 310 GSM watercolor paper is just what you need to pretty up your blank walls. The print comes in four sizes, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, and 18×24 so you’ll be sure to find what print you need for your space.

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  • Sweet-Home Alberti

    Washington state-based artist Casey Alberti is known for her bold macrame designs.  


    “For me, color really is everything,” the designer says. 


    Alberti started making macramé in early 2020 and has a variety of pieces that will compliment your home. Her macramé recycled cotton plant hangers will definitely be the talk of the group chat with her vibrant designs.   


    “The privilege of being able to be a part of someone’s home is amazing, really,” Alberti said. 

    Available in four designs, the handmade plant hanger will add more color to your beautiful plants.  

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  • Scents To Life Candle

    The perfect self-care gift from Scents To Life Candle will melt the day’s worries away. Available in 8oz & 11oz and a variety of scents including lavender and vanilla and grapefruit and mint, the shop guarantees will “fill up your personal space with fragrance in no time.” 

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  • Complete Renewal

    In need of a face mask to help with dark spots or hyperpigmentation? Look no further than the Complete Renewal shop. The turmeric honey aloe face mask might be your solution to any dark spots or signs of hyperpigmentation in your skin. The mask is available in 2 fl. Oz or 4 fl. Oz and you can choose between normal or sensitive skin that best suits you. 

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  • Nala's Nails

    Make sitting to get gel acrylics a thing in the past. Try out Nalas Nails for a quick way to get the gel acrylic look you want without the wait. An easy on and off style, the rose quartz nails will add flair to your everyday look. 

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  • Brave Chick Jewelry

    These beautiful earrings will add sophistication to even the simplest of outfits. Available in three finishes (gold, silver, and rose gold) you will find that this pair will fit anyone’s style. 

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