Must Haves

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I am straight-up in love with custom keyboards. I use my keyboard every day.  Having a custom keyboard makes me feel like my workspace has more personality. I’m happier typing away on something that reflects my taste and adds an element of luxury to what can be a mundane task. Also, the kids LOVE them.  I got hooked on them after seeing my daughter’s keyboard that her boyfriend customized as a gift.  We liked it so much, we got my son a customized board too.

I’ve scoured the internet for cool keycaps. Some are just a few keys, others are entire sets. I love the special keys, but the full sets give you a complete look at the keyboard. Also, the super specialty keys are show pieces, but not as functional.  They don’t actually identify the keys… but they’re awesome for replacing function or direction keys. The one-offs and small sets are still SUPER FUN.  For the full keycap sets, I looked for sets that were easy to read and functional but still had style. If you’re committing to a full set, functionality is a Must Have… see what I did there?

This list begins with the single or small set keycaps.  Then I’ll show you a couple of good boards for complete custom key sets—lastly, the sweet, sweet full-set keycaps.  I recommend zooming in on these.  The details are lost in a quick glance.

  • Star Wars Keycaps

    The Force is strong on these keycaps. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and Stormtrooper custom keycaps: congratulations, you are being rescued… from a boring keyboard.

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  • GameBoy Keycap

    A throwback to the Gameboy! Really well done. I love this keycap, but my daughter loves it so much more.  She grew up driving to see family, in the backseat, with Gameboy in hand.  All I ever had for my family drives were a Nancy Drew book or the occasional MadLibs.

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  • Overwatch Keycaps

    My daughter also loves Overwatch.  I always look for Overwatch gear for her.  It’s not easy to find. If you’re like-minded or know an Overwatch fan, check it out.

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  • Cat Handmade Artisan Keycap

    Kitties! Not gonna lie. Not gonna front. These keycaps are straight-up adorable. I love these… and cats in general.

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  • Minecraft Inspired Ore Keycap

    I’m straight-up DIGGING these Minecraft keycaps. Don’t fear the creeper (but do). These ore caps will light up the keyboard for a Minecraft fan.

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  • Blue and Black Koi keycap

    I love fish. I had a 55-gallon saltwater tank for years. I still miss it.  Look at this little nugget of ZEN.  It’s like I’m looking into a Koi pond.

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  • Custom Keycaps (photos)

    Put a PICTURE on one of your keyboard keys! Talk about personal.

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  • Keyboards:

  • Cherry MX Board 3.0 S Wired Mechanical Keyboard

    The Cherry Mechanical Keyboards are a strong choice if you plan to use custom keycaps.  The keyboard is an investment, but once you have the keyboard, if keys get damaged, you just swap them out instead of buying a new keyboard.  

    See More Here Amazon
  • DROP ALT Aluminum Case 

    This one is a bit above my knowledge base.  It’s the one that both my kids have, but it’s only because my daughter’s boyfriend is ridiculously smart and technologically savvy, and told me what to buy (and also put it together).  I wanted to include it, because those who know, know. #truth

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  • WJ Two-Dimensional Animation Yuanshen PBT Five-Sided Sublimation keycap

    I like the clean layout that still allows for plenty of anime style. BONUS: you get an extra language on the keys.  #worldly 

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  • Keycaps - Astronaut Theme

    Customize your keyboard to the moon and back.  I love this space theme.  It’s awesome but still functional (not too busy).

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  • Custom Anime Theme Backlit Keycap Set-61 keys 

    I’m not huge into Anime, but I think this keyboard is well done and, obviously, designed for a backlit keyboard.

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  • MOLGRIA Ink Lotus Keycaps

    This keycap set is my personal favorite. The stress and anxiety of life can be a bit much. I love the clean layout, the lotus. This board makes me feel like typing just met meditation and I am in the zone.

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  • Anime V2 Keycap PBT Sublimation

    Another strong contender in the anime realm.

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