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We’re back with another round of amazing fidget toys that we know you’re going to love. If you’re not familiar with fidget toys, they’re these small, sometimes pocket-sized, gadgets that help with stress relief. They’re sensory devices that have helped many people deal with anxiety and various forms of stress. And they’re taking the world by storm. So, without further ado, here are 11 more fidget toys you’ll want your hands on immediately.

  • iPhone Case Pop Up Fidget

    Sometimes you don’t want to carry individual fidget toys around. That’s why we like this phone case fidget. It still has the same sensory pop in pieces that many of our favorite fidget toys have, but the best part is that this is perfect for on-the-go. No extra bags are needed to carry. 

  • Infinity Fidget Cube

    These infinity cubes are great for helping you destress or even just kill time. The cube is composed of eight smaller cubes that can be rotated from any angle or direction. They’re great for kids and adults.

  • Fidget Ring

    I’ve seen a bunch of these types of fidgets on TikTok over the past several months. And every time I see one I think about how genius they are. For people who are looking for something small and well, wearable, this is what you need. This fidget ring has a moveable band in the center that is great for helping stimulate your brain.

  • Magic Rainbow Ball

    This fidget is more of a puzzle than anything else, but it’s still really great for helping reduce stress and giving you something to do. Think of it like a simpler Rubik’s cube. The outside has various colored rings that fit and match up to a colored ball on the inside. Your job is to get them to match. It sounds like a lot of fun and a difficult task considering you won’t be able to move multiple balls at once.

  • Snap Toy

    These snap toy fidgets are great for people who like the stress ball method. This toy works in a similar fashion. It’s designed to squeeze, and the two suction cups on the inside stick together as you do so. When you release the suction cups come apart. The stimulation from both the sound and the act of squeezing can help release any stress or anger you might be feeling. 

  • Magic Bean Gyroscope Fidget Toy

    Fidget spinners are not uncommon. In fact, that’s really the toy that kicked off the whole fidget craze. But what we like about this one is that it’s a bit different from your usual fidget spinner. This fidget spinner isn’t in the standard triangle shape, but in a cylinder and the fidget pieces are the tiny balls inside the toy that rotate along with the three circular pieces. You’ll have a ton of fun spinning this around in as many directions as you’d like. 

  • Blue Bubble Fidget Silicone Key Chain Case for Apple Watch

    Looking for another wearable fidget, we’ve got you covered. This one is for an Apple Watch. These silicone bubble fidgets act as a keychain case for an Apple Watch. So you can wear your watch and pop the sensory bubble whenever you need it. 

  • Squishies Squishy Fidget Toys

    Not only are these adorable, but they’re actually a lot of fun because of how squishy they are. These are great for helping to reduce blood pressure in your hand and can be easily cleaned with water. 

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  • Links Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys

    Sometimes you need a fidget that has a bit of an ASMR pull to it. These Wacky Track links are great for that. The sound of the emitted click can be a lot of fun for people. Plus, these tracks give you a lot of creativity to be able to design various shapes and objects to your liking. 

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  • Fidget Dodecagon

    The fidget dodecagon is a 12-sided fidget cube that is designed to help occupy your mind for long periods of time. The 12 sides help you keep your hands busy and include everything from joysticks to buttons to even disks and stress balls. This is a great option for anyone who has a hard time focusing. 

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  • Textured Stretchy Strings

    These fidgets are great sensory devices. Each string has a unique texture and tension including the super stretchy rope, car wash fringe, totem pole, bumpy rock wall, ribbed ridges, and hard to stretch snakeskin. 

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