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One of the best parts about having an at-home bar is that you’re basically dubbed the “party” friend because you have all the gear without the hassle of going out. So why not add some more to that collection? Here are 12 cool handmade barware items that will set your home bar apart from the rest. 

  • Handcrafted Wooden Coasters

    Don’t get stuck with boring coasters. The look is where it’s at. These are gorgeous handcrafted wooden coasters made out of natural cedar wood and epoxy resin. This will make your at-home bar have a very classy look and feel.

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  • Craft Beer Flight with Chalkboard Sides

    Seriously, who doesn’t love a beer flight? This is an incredible find. You can impress your friends with this super cool beer flight, label each side on the removable chalkboard side pieces, and enjoy! Not only is this handmade in New England from solid knotty pine wood, but it also comes it a variety of finishes and new beer glasses!

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  • Whiskey Glasses

    Now, I’m sure you probably have a whiskey glass or two in your at-home bar, but these are going to take it up a notch for you. These are uniquely designed bourbon and scotch glasses with an indented base designed for swirling and drink aeration. So it’s perfect for those whiskey connoisseurs! This set is 100% lead-free and can be utilized for a wide variety of cocktails, and they are dishwasher safe. 

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  • Personalized Bar Runner Mat & Bottle Opener

    Make your at-home bar feel like an actual bar with this personalized bar runner mat. Seriously, you can get any name you want on the runner and have it personalized for your bar. Plus, this shop, BangTinyClothing, has a ton of different runner designers so you can choose the one that fits your style best. This set also comes with a matching bottle opener and coasters.

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  • Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

    This has to be one of my favorite items on this list. Having a decanter set is a right of passage for many whiskey and alcohol lovers. This personalized set is gorgeous“Unlike many lightweight glass decanters you’ll find, this guy has a heavy, solid base and weighs in at almost 3lbs. It will also hold 28oz (850ml) of his finest malted beverage. Each glass holds 250ml.” You can choose to engrave just the decanter or have the wooden box and glasses engraved as well.

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  • Geode Resin Wine Caddy

    If you’re a wine fan you’re not going to want to miss out on this fun find. This is a wine caddy that can hold two wine glasses and a bottle of your favorite wine. My favorite part, however, is the beautiful geode resin design. The gorgeous moonstone white with emerald details and gold accents had me instantly. And buyers are raving about this one! It has a 5-star review with over 900 total reviews!

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  • Revolving Wine Glasses

    Speaking of wine, want to see something absolutely incredible? Look no further. These are revolving wine glasses. Yeah, you might want to read that again. These are specially designed, handblown glasses that revolve on almost any surface, kind of like a spinning top. This glass design helps aerate your beverage, prevents spilling, and makes drinking even more fun. It even comes with a re-purposed barn wood stand for storage.

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  • Bud Light Pallet Coaster Set

    Who said you couldn’t have more than one type of coaster? This Bud Light Pallet coaster is awesome! There aren’t a lot left in stock though, so you’ll have to hurry fast. These are handmade coasters that come in the perfect Bud Light container. They are handwash only!

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  • Personalized Cocktail Stencil

    Want to talk about impressing your guests? How about a personalized cocktail stencil that will have them snapping photos for their Instagram and Facebook pages in seconds! This is a super cool and fun idea for folks who want to go the extra mile while attending a bar at home. You select the size and font style, add your personalization, and voila! You’ll have your guests sitting with their mouths wide open over the perfect presentation of their cocktails. 

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  • Sir Perky's With a Bottle Stopper, Corkscrew and Bottle Opener Between Their Legs

    Add a bit of humor to your at-home bar with this fun find. This set of 3 red plastic “Sir Perky”s are sure to have your guests laughing. Each Sir Perky has its own unique use including a corkscrew, bottle stopper, and bottle opener.

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  • Personalized Beer Flight & Charcuterie Board

    Yes, yes, I know I have a super awesome beer flight board already on this list, but… I also love a good charcuterie board. And no one is saying you can’t have two beer flight boards in your house. You can get this one personalized as well as select a variety of different board sizes that best suit your needs.

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  • Middle Finger Decanter

    And to leave you on a final fun note, this middle finger decanter is sure to draw the attention of your friends and provide a few laughs along the way. This bar set consists of a 9.5-inch tall middle finger decanter, 2 tumbler glasses, and a 17-inch wooden base.

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