Must Haves

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National Cereal Day is March 7th. We all have childhood memories of our favorite cereals. When I six, there was nothing more satisfying than crushing a bowl of my favorite cereal, Lucky Charms. They really are magically delicious. Additionally, a Lucky Charms t-shirt makes for great St. Patrick’s Day gear. #doublewin

Mom would never buy Frosted Flakes. She said they were “too high in sugar.” She clearly was not a label reader since Lucky Charms is actually higher in sugar than Frosted Flakes.  Wait till you see the Tony the Tiger shirt I found! It’s truly GRREAT! 

When Halloween came around, we were begging for Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula. These cereal shirts also work nicely for Halloween seasonal gear. I even found a Boo Berry hoodie! 

Enjoy the trip down childhood cereal lane as we bowl… I mean… roll up on National Cereal Day!