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For years, the younger ones in my family have wanted Funko Pop! figures. They’ve also given me these little blockhead characters as gifts. My thought being, “Thanks, but I feel like you’re more excited by this than I am,” as I received some miscellaneous character from a video game.

Things changed recently when I discovered that Funko Pop! has an entire line of rock figures. Depending on the character, my mind was suddenly opened to the possibility of having a sweet little addition to my rock and roll memorabilia collection ala Funko Pop style.

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is the latest to get the Funko treatment, but he’s only a “pre-order” stage of the game.  In the meantime, I searched through a ton of Funko designs to find the coolest from their rock collection that is available for purchase now.

Here are some of my favorite rocker Funko Pop! characters:

  • Slash

    THIS. He’s got the top hat, shades and, of course, an axe to grind. I seriously need to make this a “Sweet Child ‘O Mine.”

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  • Rob Halford

    How many Funko characters have a whip? Only one, that I know of and that’s Rob Halford… justifiably. The man is “Hell Bent for Leather.”

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  • Eddie Van Halen

    This is a double score. Eddie Van Halen AND Frankenstrat connected in one piece of rock memorabilia. You might as well “Jump” on this link. 

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  • Alice Cooper

    “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” you had me at “Hello Hooray.” Alice’s signature look is perfect for creating a standout figure.  There are several Alice Funko Pop! characters, but this is my favorite.  I put this guy on my gift list.

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  • Angus Young of AC/DC

    His signature schoolboy uniform is a defining feature of Angus Young. The story goes that he’d practice straight after school and still had his uniform on. Hard work and dedication: “It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and Roll.” 

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  • Kurt Cobain

    Not all Funko Pops are priced equally… shall we call it “dynamic pricing?” Kurt is going for a good deal more than the average cup of “Penny Royal Tea.”

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  • Freddie Mercury

    The king of Queen. Freddie Mercury has multiple Funko characters, but I chose this one because “I Want It All.” 

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  • Bret Michaels

    Bret Michaels don’t need “NothinBut a Good Time,” so how can I resist? With his signature bandana and ripped jeans, he’s got a guitar in one hand and bull horns in the other. Bret gives me “Something to Believe In.” 

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  • Metallica

    Be the master of these puppets. Featuring the current line up, this set is gonna cost you more than the average Funko. It’s “Sad But True.” No denying though, they’re cool.

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  • Joan Jett

    Nothing belts out “I Love Rock and Roll” quite like this Joan Jett Funko Pop.

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  • KISS

    I like Starchild’s unique touch with the white eye. You immediately know who this is and who he’s calling… Dr. Love, naturally.

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  • John Lennon

    “Imagine” John Lennon in your rock and roll collection. There are multiple John Lennon Funko Pop! figures, but this one is the coolest one I found. It’s definitely pricey, but I really love the B&W figure and the peace fingers, plus it’s paired with Beatles Memorabilia Trading Cards which is a nice add on. 

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  • Billy Idol

    With a “Rebel Yell,” you can add more, more, more Billy Idol to your collection. Featuring Billy’s signature black leather, thus Funko Rocks figure will make you feel like a pony.

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  • Pearl Jam

    Give your rock memorabilia collection an “Even Flow” with this 5 piece set (Mookie Blaylock jersey not included). 

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