Must Haves

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Summer is the perfect time to head to the great outdoors and have a fun camping trip. But what should you bring with you? We’ve put together our list of Must Have camping trip items that will get you ready for a fun and relaxing trip outdoors.

  • 4-6 Person Tent

    There are many ways one can experience camping, but we love the traditional tent and campsite method. Depending on how many people you are camping with you might want to get a larger tent than you think. For really tall folks, it’s always a good idea to get a tent that’s a little bit bigger. That’s why we like this 4-6 person tent. It provides plenty of room to set up your bed and even keep your luggage and a few other things within the tent. 

  • Foldable Solar Panel Charger

    Yes. Camping is a way to escape the busy and stress of day to day life…but you may want to still be able to check an email or two. That’s where this foldable solar panel charger could come in handy. It’s compact, lightweight and charges when placed in direct sunlight. Bonus, there’s a 2-in1 charging cable (Android and IOS) is included. 

  • Rechargeable Camping Fan

    Summer weather is usually hot. You’re going to want to have something to help you cool down. Enter this rechargeable camping fan. This fan can run for up to 25 hours when fully charged depending on the airflow. The best part is that this fan has a clip so you can clip it to the top of your tent and keep yourself cool on hot summer nights. 

  • Pop-Up Green Trash Can

    Not every campsite will have a trash can at your disposal. This pop-up green trash can is a definitely Must Have. The trash can is made from polyester it includes 3 grommets on the bottom to be able to secure it into the ground in addition to 4 alligator clips on the inside to keep your garbage secure.

  • Aero Couch

    Who wants to sit in camping chairs when you can kick back and relax on a comfy couch? Enter the Aero Couch.  It’s inflatable and could be a game-changer for your next camping trip.

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  • Black Camp Grill

    This is about to take camping for you to a whole new level. This camp grill goes right over top of your fire and allows you to cook over the open flame with ease. 

  • Camp Shower

    The great outdoors are wonderful… but not always the cleanliest. Some campgrounds don’t have a shower for you to use, and if you’re a traditionalist camping in the wilderness then you definitely will be missing a shower. This camp shower is solar heated, meaning you leave it out in the sun and it will warm the water up for your perfectly. It also holds enough water for 3 to 4 showers and a hook for hanging so you can take a shower like normal. 

  • Emergency Survival Fire Starter Putty

    How cool is this! I’m not very good at starting a fire, so this is a definite Must Have for me. This awesome fire starter party is waterproof and weather resistant, designed to ensure you can start a fire even in the harshest of conditions. It helps you create a fire that can burn for up to 15 minutes with even just a quarter-sized dab of putty. This is a great find for every outdoorsman, adventurer, camper, etc. 

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  • LED Flashlights Gloves

    While it goes without saying, it’s worth the mention that it’s going to get dark when you’re camping. Especially if you’re deep in the woods, you’re going to want light. Which makes these LED Flashlight gloves such a cool find! You will literally have light at your fingertips, helping you guide your way or dig through whatever your need in the dark. 

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  • Portable Fire Pit

    Take your fire pit game to the next level with this portable fire pit. We like the idea of elevating a fire pit. The mesh is stainless steel and according to reviews cools quickly. 

  • Camping Lantern and Phone Charger

    If you’re not feeling the gloves, might we suggest this lantern? Not only will it bring light to the darkness, but it can also charge your phone, which lets be realistic you’re going to bring with you anyway. This lantern is also solar powered, so during the day when the sun is bright and shining you can charge your lantern and then at night use it. 

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  • 100 Piece First Aid Kit

    You need a first aid kit. Nuff said. If anything happens to you, you’ll want to make sure that you can treat yourself with proper first aid. 

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  • Waterproof Dry Bags

    If you don’t know about these you’re going to need to. Waterproof dry bags are incredible. I use two whenever I go kayaking, but they also work great for camping. The weather can be finicky, and depending on where you go you might get wet. These waterproof dry bags help keep your valuables safe and dry. 

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  • Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

    I love hammocking especially while I’m camping. But sometimes the bugs can get really bad which makes this hammock all that more appealing. This 2-person hammock holds up to 400lbs of weight and also comes with 2 carabiners and one set of straps. 

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  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

    Keep the rodents and insects away from your camp with these electronic pest repellers. These nifty devices send out wave frequencies that will hit the nervous system of pests and make them uncomfortable and wary of the area. These are great for keeping rodents out like mice and rats, but even on bugs like spiders, mosquitoes, and ants.

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