Must Haves

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When it comes to watching TikToks for a living, I’m basically your gal. It’s not like we haven’t seen influencers talk about certain products they like for their home before. It’s just that TikTok seems to amplify this because we’re spending more time seeing the influencers with said products.  And so, thus continues my obsession with providing you with all the cool household essentials as seen on TikTok. Check out my latest TikTok finds below. 

  • Sanitizer Dispenser Pump

    Okay, so I’ve been following @kaelimaee on TikTok for a few months now. She has a ton of awesome home and kitchen organizing items. But this one comes from her car series. I’ve said it before, keeping my car clean is essential for me, but this is more for keeping you clean. This is a portable hand sanitizer pump that fits perfectly in your car’s cup holders. This is great if you like to sanitize your hands after coming out of the grocery store! 

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  • Airtight OXO Jar

    Another fav TikToker of mine is @_catben_ who has some serious organization skills. This is absolutely one of my favorite times she uses. This airtight jar is perfect for storing cookies, but like Cat, I’ve gotten it just so I can store my dishwasher pods in it. It fits perfectly under my sink and it’s just super convenient for determining how many pods I have left before I need to buy more. 

  • Motion Activated Under The Cabinet Strip Lights

    I’ve been seeing these a lot more lately, but specifically on @chandlerisaac’s TikTok. These are motion activated LED strip lights. They go perfectly under cabinets and in bathrooms. These are great for late nights when you need to run to the kitchen for a glass of water.

  • Wireless Charging Phone Stand

    I’m a big fan of finding things that I can use in my home office or on my desk at work, and this fits that category. This is a phone stand built with wireless charging in mind. Having a phone stand may seem a bit odd, but honestly, it’s one of my favorite things on my desk. The fact that this one will also charge my phone wireless is a huge perk! It works for most iPhone and Samsung models. 

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  • Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

    Owning something like this definitely makes it feels like you are living in the 21st century. This is a super convenient storage holder for your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other necessities. It comes with two magnetic cups that stick upside down to the bottom of the holder, as well as a storage tray. And of course, the best part is the automatic toothpaste dispenser that squeezes the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brush helping you reduce waste and save a little time. 

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  • Hands-Free Dual Compartment Trash Can

    I have dubbed this the TikTok trash can. There are many versions of this out on the interwebs, but this one happens to be my favorite because it’s hands-free with a push pedal to allow you to open the lids. The dual compartment allows for you to have two separate holders one for trash the other for recyclables or returnables (your choice). 

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  • Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

    If you haven’t had a chance to upgrade your house with smart plug technology, you’ll want to after hearing about this. This is a Wi-Fi smart plug that allows you to turn your plugged-in appliances on and off, or schedule shut-off times, from anywhere in the world with the app. It also has voice control capabilities that are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other devices.  

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  • Magnetic Curtain Holders

    I saw these recently on @theamazonqueen’s TikTok and I was just so shocked by the fact that I hadn’t thought of these before. If you have large curtains in your living room and you want to have something to hold them back without having to drill into your wall here’s the perfect find for you. These are magnetic curtain holders that come in a few different styles. 

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  • Magnetic Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Sign

    Okay, so I actually bought one of these and it’s incredibly helpful for my house. With a family of five living in one house, not everyone knows if the dishes are clean or not. This magnetic sign sticks to your dishwasher and requires very little effort. You flip the sign for Clean dishes if the dishwasher is clean, and Dirty if it hasn’t been run yet. It’s honestly one of my favorite TikTok purchases. 

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  • Handheld USB Rechargeable Vacuum

    This is great for desks and cars. It’s a portable, USB rechargeable vacuum that’s great for cleaning up concentrated messes. Get all the crumbs and dust out of your keyboards, cupholders, dashboards, and any other small nooks and crannies.

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  • Mason Jar Bathroom Essentials Set

    Do you love the mason jar aesthetic? @kaelimaee’s TikTok showcases these in her gorgeous bathroom all the time. The set comes with a jar for soap, Q-tips, cotton balls, or whatever you’d like to use it for. 

  • Mouthwash Dispenser

    Another bathroom find for you. This is a mouthwash dispenser that comes with two reusable glasses, it’s perfect for helping you reduce waste from paper cups and providing the aesthetic you are looking for in your bathroom. 

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  • Nespresso Storage Drawer

    Do you have a Nespresso machine and need a storage container for your pods? This one is perfect for it.  

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  • Laundry Room Lint Bin

    We all know how important it is to clean out the lint trap in our dryers. This magnetic laundry room bin is perfect for throwing your lint into. It even comes with a dryer lint brush that helps you easily clean your lint trap. 

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  • 1 Gallon Storage Jars

    Speaking of laundry room finds, these gallon storage jars that you see on TikTok are great for storing your laundry pods, scent booster, and things like that. These are also good for the kitchen! 

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  • Towel Rack

    Do you like having that hotel feel in your bathroom? This towel rack/holder is great for not only storing your towels after they’re folded, but if you mount this in your bathroom it will provide you easy access to grabbing a towel after a shower. 

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