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It’s a show about nothing. But die-hard Seinfeld fans know that from all of that “nothing” came a whole lot of funny “somethings.” From one-liners like “Can you spare a square?” or “No soup for you,” to holidays like Festivus, to even p companies that have people like my dad in stitches when I mentioned you can grab a Vandelay Industries mug on Etsy. The hit sitcom Seinfeld is easily one of the best comedies of the 90s, and the funny anecdotes that came out of it are even better. So as here are 18 fun and hilarious pieces of Seinfeld merch that you can you get from Etsy right now.

  • You Wanna Piece of Me Tee

    I don’t know what’s funnier the actual scene with George’s dad saying to Elaine, “Are you saying you wanna piece of me?” while they’re at the police station. Or the bloopers of Jerry Stiller saying it and Julia Louise-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander unable to keep it together. Either way, this iconic Seinfeld line can be immortalized for you on your very own You Wanna Piece of Me Tee.

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  • Vandelay Industries Mug

    This is easily one of my dad’s favorite episodes. In season 3, George tries to get a new job and uses Jerry as a reference citing a fake company name, Vandelay Industries. When they call Jerry to get a reference check for George, Jerry has stepped out of the apartment, George is in the bathroom, and Kramer answers the phone. So of course, hilarity ensues. George ends up on the floor in his underwear and Jerry walks in delivering the line, “And you wanna be my latex salesman.” 

    Well, Vandelay Industries is now a widely talked about fake company and you can grab your very own Vandelay Industries mug. All of the Seinfeld aficionados will know what show you love the most with this piece of Seinfeld merch. 

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  • George Constanza Coasters

    Remember the time Kramer helped George take some sexy photos to impress the photo shop girl? It’s definitely one of our favorite scenes. These coasters are based on those photos and are perfect for any man cave or den. Basically, wherever you’re going to be watching your favorite sitcoms you can have these right next to you. 

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  • Schoompie Mug

    Schoompie. Easily one of the more ridiculous episodes, but Jerry calling his new girlfriend Shelia Schoompie for basically the entire episode, and her responding by calling him Schoompie back is both nauseating and hilarious. This Schoompie mug is perfect for the Schoompie in your life, and it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. 

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  • 3D Printed Seinfeld Plaque

    Want something fun for your desk at work? This 3D-printed Seinfeld plaque stands at 3 inches tall and 9.25 inches wide. It’s the perfect desk trinket for any diehard Seinfeld fan. 

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  • The Summer of George Graphic Tee

    1997 was supposed to be the “Summer of George!” His ambitious plans of reading a book from start to finish and learning how to play folf, I.e. frisbee golf. This vintage-style shirt is perfect for all you George Costanza fans. It comes in nine different shirt color options and from sizes men’s small to 2XL. 

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  • Little Jerry 97’ Cock Fighting Champion Tee

    Cosmo Kramer is known for sliding into the room and having some of the craziest things happen. The time he buys a chicken, which turns out to be a rooster, that he names Little Jerry Seinfeld and then proceeds to put into an illegal cockfighting ring is definitely at the top of the list. This Little Jerry 97’ Cock Fighting Champion tee immortalizes that moment for you and all of your friends. It comes in five different colors and in men’s sizes small to 3XL. 

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  • Festivus Holiday Tee

    Since my dad is a huge Seinfeld fan, it should come as no surprise to any of you that my family does in fact celebrate Festivus. The Story of Festivus, and basically Season 9 episode 10 of Seinfeld, has been viewed in my family a million times now. “A Festivus for the rest of us.” 

    Now you too can have your own Festivus tee while you partake in the Airing of Grievances AND The Feats of Strength 

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  • Seinfeld Pens

    These are fun pens with some of the best Seinfeld lines on them like “Giddy Up,” “No Soup For You,” and even “Hello, Newman.” They will make the perfect gift for your Seinfeld-loving friends. 

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  • Seinfeld Poster

    Want some subtle Seinfeld décor? This mid-century-style poster features the Restaurant Jerry and the gang always eat at. This will look great in any den or man cave. 

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  • No Soup For You Soup Mug

    What’s a Seinfeld merch list without something from the Soup Nazi?! This “No Soup For You” soup mug is perfect for your regularly watched binges of the show. Use it for soup, coffee, or whatever your preferenceThe mug is handwash only.  

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  • Elaine Birthday Card

    Grab a fun birthday card for your Seinfeld buddy’s birthday! This Elaine card is perfect, plus you can find a wide variety of other character cards and sayings too. 

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  • Feelin’ Good Seinfeld Vinyl Sticker

    Are you into the vinyl sticker craze? This Kramer “Feeling Good All The Time” sticker is great for all of you laidback folks. This is a hand-cut vinyl sticker made from an ink drawing by the artist. 

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  • Seinfeld Prayer Candles

    I absolutely love the trendy prayer candles going around the last few years. This is a great gift for all of your Seinfeld fans. You can grab one of each of the cast members or just your favorite character. Let’s face it though, we all really want the Kramer one. 

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  • Vandelay Face Masks

    Since we know you loved the Vandelay Industries mug, and with COVID on the rise again, these Vandelay face masks are a fun Seinfeld merch find. Please note, these aren’t medical-grade masks, but they are incredibly fun and will give your trips out and about in a face mask a more personalized touch. 

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  • Hello Newman Welcome Mat

    Did you know that Jerry Seinfeld only says the words, “Hello, Newman,” 17 times in the series? For a show that was on for nine seasons with 180 episodes that feels very small right? Yet, the line is iconic for the sitcom. Now you can show off your love of the show with this Hello, Newman welcome mat. 

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  • Jerry’s Apartment Candle

    When I was looking for fun out-of-the-box Seinfeld merch items I wasn’t expecting a candle that was supposed to smell like Jerry’s Apartment. Now without knowing too much about the actual smell on set, this candle is designed to just be something fun for fans. The scents include smoked vanilla, amber, and of course, Serenity Now. 

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  • Kramer Portrait Magnet

    We “sense great vulnerability” with this magnet. That’s right you can have your very own “The Kramer” in a magnet form. The episode where a portrait of Kramer is sold off for $5,000 is such an odd one, but the painting is both haunting and hilarious.  

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