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Whether you’re a Tarantino fan or you just happen to love cult-classic movies, Pulp Fiction is an iconic film beloved by many. With a killer cast from Uma Thurman to John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson, Pulp Fiction has inspired some incredible merchandise. So, here are 22 Pulp Fiction finds that make the perfect gift ideas for any fan of the movie.

  • Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction Wall Art

    Let’s kick off this list with gorgeous wall art featuring Uma Thurman in the pose from the Pulp Fiction poster. This would be a great piece of art for a movie room, den, or even bedroom. 

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  • Mia Wallace & Vincent Vega Dance Enamel Pins

    Enamel pins have made a serious comeback. These Mia and Vincent pins are incredible, but I think the best part is that they show that iconic dance scene from the movie.  

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  • Pulp Fiction Wall Clock

    This is one of my favorite Pulp Fiction finds. I love that it features Mia, Jules, and Vincent! 

  • Be Cool Honey Bunny Sweatshirt

    I’m a sucker for a cute sweatshirt. This one is super cute, and anyone who reads it and gets it is definitely someone I want to hang out with. Grab it in black or sports gray. 

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  • Vincent & Jules Wall Art

    I am absolutely in love with this piece of art. This is a handwritten poster of Vincent and Jules comprised entirely out of the script from the first act of the film. This incredible piece is 24” by 18”. 

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  • Pulp Fiction Throw Blanket

    Ready to get cozy with one of your favorite movies on a throw blanket? I love this one from Amazon. It features silhouette-style designs of the characters from the film. This is a great gift for any Pulp Fiction fan. 

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  • Pulp Fiction Restroom Poster

    Talk about getting meta, this poster of Vincent Vega in the bathroom is honestly one of those funny items that would just fit in your bathroom. Plus it’s 11×17 so it’s not going to take up too much space. 

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  • Jules Face Mask

    I couldn’t help myself. We all need a cool face mask every now and then. And what else is better than Samuel L Jackson yelling at you to take several steps back. 

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  • Pulp Fiction Tiki Glasses

    Sometimes you find items online and you just go, what the heck? This was it for me but in the best way possible. If you love Pulp Fiction this Jules and Vincent tiki glass set is gonna be a crowd-pleaser of a gift! 

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  • Some Serious Gourmet Sh*t Mug

    Definitely one of the more iconic lines from the movie! Now you can own it as a mug. Just picture yourself holding it in the morning while you’re still half asleep thinking about the fact that being awake is well… you get the picture. 

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  • Big Kahuna Burger Tee

    Big Kahuna Burger tends to make an appearance in many of Tarantino’s movies. So why not show your appreciation with one of these bomb tees? If you grab this in a women’s size make sure you size up because the cut is a bit slim and the store recommends it! 

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  • Smells Like Pulp Fiction Candle

    This is one of those cool, easy gifts you can grab a Pulp Fiction-loving friend. These “Smells Like” candles are all the rage. Make sure you order soon though! This one is coming from the UK so it might take some time to get to you. 

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  • $5 Milkshake Sticker

    Would you order a $5 milkshake? I feel like nowadays it’s not uncommon to order a $5 milkshake, especially if it’s really good. This sticker would be a great addition to a water bottle or laptop. 

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  • Pulp Fiction Key Holder

    I actually cackled when I saw this! Not only do the keys lineup with the guns Vincent and Jules are holding, but it’s the perfect sort of pun from the original movie quote. Seriously I love this item. 

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  • Pulp Fiction Retro Movie Poster

    If you love retro movie posters you’re going to love this one. Shop owner Shinewall redesigns popular movie posters, like this one, and turns them into something retro and old-fashioned looking. You can grab one of these in four different sizes. 

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  • UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs Tee

    I got so excited when I saw this shirt. You probably remember this from the movie where Vincent was wearing a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs shirt. Well, you can grab it right now! 

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  • Wooden Spoons

    I love these wooden spoons. Each spoon features a different scene at the top and a different quote on the handle. These are hand sketched and then burned into the wood. These make an excellent novelty gift for a Pulp Fiction superfan. 

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  • Apartment Scene Cutting Board

    Since we’re in the kitchen with the spoons, I felt it was only fitting that we bring this cutting board to your attention too. I think what gets me the most is the fact that Vincent and Jules holding a meat cleaver and a spatula. 

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  • Jules & Vincent Lego People

    Are you a Lego collector? Check out these Jules and Vincent Lego people.  

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  • Pulp Fiction Dance Scene 3-Piece Posters

    We all love that dance scene from the movie. This 3-piece poster is awesome because you see three stills from that dance.  

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  • Mia Iron On Patch

    Iron-Ons are also back! This Mia one is awesome and would make a great trinket for a friend. 

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  • Royale with Cheese Keychain

    Last, but certainly not leastyou gotta check out this Royale with Cheese keychain. Because I know that I would easily have this keychain on my keys with pride. 

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