Must Haves

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I’m not going to lie; this must-haves list has cost me more money than any other I have done. The good news is that my new Great Dane puppy Pete is happy. Now, like my daughter, Pete can relate to the phrase “Raised On Dolly.” He’ll be sporting doggy Dolly T-shirts and chewing on Dolly-inspired items. All for a good cause!

When they announced that the new line would be at Petco’s last month (August), I drove to three Nashville area stores. Every item was sold out the same day it was put out. That often happens in Nashville when it comes to Dolly Parton stuff. She is loved by her native state more than anyone. And everyone jumps at the chance for a new Parton item.

About the good cause, Dolly has told me in many interviews that when it comes to the fans who have supported her all their lives, she often helps them out when she can, and she did just that with the Doggy Parton line.

Dolly said when the line was first released, “Puppy Love” was my very first record, and 6 decades later, my love for pets is stronger than ever. This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys, and more with a little “Dolly” flair. Part of the proceeds will support Willa B Farms, a rescue where animals in need find never-ending love. Don’t we all need that?”

Willa B. Farms Animal Rescue is a grassroots non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of homeless, neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. According to the website,  “Headquartered in Old Hickory, Tennessee, Willa B. Farms rescues and rehabilitates animals, one by one, offering them a loving, caring environment where they can recover and thrive.”

Now we shop. I found seven items from Doggy Parton’s doggy/pet line online and could not resist buying through Amazon.

  • Doggy Parton All-Star Show Vintage Style Shirt for Pets

    I love this more than I can say. This comes in two Dolly Images on t-shirts. Both images of Parton are from the 1970s, which adds so much, I think. I bought one for my Great Dane, so I had to get a XXL, and it was a bit more pricey than the smaller sizes. Guess what? Still worth it! I only wish you could buy this in a human style.

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  • Doggy Parton Pink Cowgirl Hat with Tiara Accent for Pets

    This is so cute, and actually, for Dolly Parton die-hards, you will notice it’s the same style hat that Dolly sold for humans at her last concert tour in 2016. I actually bought this for one of my cats. You know how much they love to wear hats, right? Well, it was great entertainment for me and the family until the cat got it off. This hat comes in small or a large size for bigger dogs.

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  • Doggy Parton in a World Full of Jolenes Be A Dolly Black Shirt for Pets

    I loved this black T-shirt, which I also purchased for my big cat. The top does not come in XXL, so my Dane would not fit. LOVE, love, love, the saying which is so true. “In a World Full of Jolenes Be A Dolly.” As Lainey Wilson told me in an interview, “The world would be much better if more people were like Dolly.”

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  • Doggy Parton Record Plush Crinkle Dog Toy, Black

    This crinkle dog toy is a best seller on Amazon. I love the way it looks, and yes, I let my puppy chew on it for a minute or two, and then, I took it from him and hung it on the wall to keep it nice for my pleasure. Maybe down the road, I will be another one for the pup. Perhaps it’s a best seller because everyone is buying two of them.

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  • Doggy Parton Red Gingham Western Collared Shirt for Pets

    This red western shirt for dogs and cats could not be cuter. I bought one for my daughter’s smaller dog, and with the western outline on the back, it’s just perfect for puppy picture days. Be sure to check the size chart before you buy to get just the right fit.

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  • Doggy Parton Blonde Bombshell Wig Headpiece for Pets

    Each year at Halloween, Dolly and her team seek out kids and adults who dress as the superstar and share on social media. This year, I feel there will be many dogs going for the Dolly look with this cute Dolly wig, complete with butterfly ribbons.

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  • Pink Dress, Guitar & Wig Set

    You can complete your puppy’s look for Halloween with this wig, pink dress, and guitar set. The dress has straps just right to get your dog into the outfit. The photo of Parton’s God Dog, Billy The Kid, wearing the costume on Amazon is precious.

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