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In a month like September, 9/11 is a somber reminder of how safety protocols have changed our world. These days attending a large sporting event or concert takes a little homework to make sure they let you in! At the gate, the first thing you may hear is: “Sorry, your bag is too big.” Or “We only allow approved clear stadium bags.” Taking a few minutes scrolling the venue website ahead of time can save you a major hassle when you arrive at the venue. Most stadium and venue websites have comprehensive A to Z Everything You Need information to help make your experience a safe and positive one.  

Bag Policy

One of the most important policies in place at a venue can make or break your experience from the start. It’s called the Bag Policy. Checking the Bag Policy on the venue website should be your first choice in researching your trip.

I know from experience that the NFL requires all bags to be 12 x 6 x 12 inches or smaller. In the past year, we have had two separate experiences with bringing the wrong-sized bag. It’s an awful feeling not being allowed in. It’s an hour-plus drive in traffic. Then you need to park. And then, there’s the long walk to the venue. The last thing you need to hear is “Sorry, your bag is too big.”

So, what do we do? Since my wife has had to go back to the car twice to lock up her bag, she has found a smart answer, with a splash of style. Take a look at our list of approved, best-selling clear stadium bags! And as always, make sure you check your venue’s specific requirements before you go.