Must Haves

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Friday the 13th can bring some unsettling feelings of bad luck to many. We’ve put together a list of items that are all a good luck charm so powerful, you won’t have to worry a bit!

Stay lucky with each fun good luck charm that will bring you all the good vibes you need and make you lucky af.

  • Dandelion Night Light

    This dandelion nightlight is the perfect gift to give to someone for perpetual luck. Coming from the folklore of wishing on a dandelion, you can make a wish every night with this enclosed version.

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  • Lucky Penny Heart Necklace

    Find a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck…or wear this adorable penny-heart pendant to keep this good luck charm flowing all day long.

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  • Lucky AF T-Shirt

    Tell the world just how lucky you are with this simple t-shirt that’ll be sure to get a few second glances.

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  • Shamrock Charm Leather Bracelet

    This simple leather band and shamrock good luck charm is a simple way to carry the luck of the Irish with you all day long. Get for yourself and a friend to have a matching good luck charm close to your heart.

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  • Blow Me for Luck Baseball Cap

    Blowing on dice is a tradition to try and bring good luck to the table. This cap pays homage to that custom with funny and naughty twist.

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  • Funko Pop! Lucky Charms Cereal Box

    How cute is this Funko Pop! Lucky Charms box! Add this good luck charm to your collection immediately or gift to a friend who needs it.

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  • Real Diamond Shooting Star Necklace

    Make a wish on a shooting star every night with this good luck charm shooting star necklace. Made with a real diamond, show someone in your life how much you care about their luck.

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