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How has it already been 50 years? We’re celebrating hip hop all year long since this year marks 50 years of one of the greatest genres of music. Hip hop has given us so many things over the years. From music to fashion to dance moves and everything in between. Hip hop has been so big for our culture and allows us so much freedom of expression. Since we’re celebrating 50 years, then we already know to go ahead and get some must-have hip hop anniversary items.

Over the last 50 years of hip hop, we have been able to witness multiple huge milestones for the genre. From Yo! MTV Raps showcased female rappers for the first time ever to historic beefs like 2Pac and Biggie. We have witnessed a journey of not only music but culture influence. Fashions that were once out of style are slowly coming back to us now like biker shorts and fanny packs. To the most female rappers to ever be in the genre appearing across every song now. Although it’s been 50 years and so many major moments, we surely have a lot more in store. Let’s celebrate these past 50 years and honor what it’s done for the culture. 

Check out these 7 things for the hip hop anniversary to celebrate 50 years of hip hop today, tomorrow, and for years to come! 

  • 50 Year T-Shirt

    Now, we already know 50 years is perfect! So, a T-shirt is one of those things you might as well have. This graphic t-shirt is showing off the 50 years. You can get a few color options from black, white, red, or gray. Pick and choose your poison!

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  • Hip-Hop/R&B Lyric Game

    Here is a fun game to play with the family or your friends! See who knows the most lyrics to some of the best hip hop and R&B songs from over the years. Trust me, I have played this so who really can finish the words to some of the best songs?  

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  • Hip Hop Pop Socket

    For the phone and tech accessories junkie, a pop socket is the one. Get a pop socket for your phone and have the hip hop accessory with you all day long.  

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  • 50th Anniversary Baseball Cap

    If you aren’t wanting a T-shirt then you could get a baseball cap instead. Check out this cap that just has a 50 on it with a good graphic. 50 years of hip hop and we still got a ways to go!  

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  • Cassette Tape Tumbler

    Here is a cool tumbler cup to enjoy and celebrate. This cup has tons of your favorite songs and albums from hip hop throughout the years. From Snoop Dogg and Naughty By Nature to Ice Cube and 2Pac.

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  • Hip Hop Drink Coasters

    Here is a little home decor that you could enjoy at the house. Sit your cups (or your tumbler you just bought) on this coaster. Have some of your favorite albums from all times as a bit of decor for you to look at and reminisce on.

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  • The Rap Year Book

    It’s pretty obvious what this one is. The Rap Year Book can be a great table decor, library set up, or just overall read in general. Take a look at some of the best moments and people in hip hop!

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