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Now not every dad is tech-savvy, but I’d say there are a ton out there who love their tech gadgets. The dads who are tinkers and able to fix basically everything are definitely one of a kind. And we love them endlessly. So as Father’s Day approaches, and we find ourselves in the situation of needing to find another great gift for our dad’s my brain turns to the ways to describe my dad. If yours is the tech dad, then you’re going to love what we’ve found for you today. Because we’ve got 7 tech gadgets that every dad will appreciate owning.

From those times when you had to hold the flashlight over the car to the days when all you can hear is the TV at top volume because it’s the only way he can hear it, we have an idea for you. Father’s Day is easily one of the toughest gift-buying times. I often find myself asking my dad, “Hey, what do you want?” The answer is usually, “I don’t know.” It both infuriating and a fun challenge.

It goes without saying that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. And these are definitely going to fall in that category for you. These 7 tech gadgets for dad are going to have you thinking you are the best gift giver in the family. And hey, if you win the best kid award for Father’s Day this year, it’s just an added perk, right?

  • 1) iOttie Wireless Charger Car Mount

    This is easily one of my favorite tech items I have in my car. Not only is it a great car mount for your cell phone, but it is also a wireless charger for it too. It charges your phone very fast which makes this a great gift item for any driver. 

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  • 2) Beats Studio 3 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

    Help your dad out with a pair of noise-canceling headphones! He can use this as a way to drown out your mom, the little kids in the house, or just help him watch his sports in peace.

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  • 3) Bose TV Speaker Sound Bar

    If your dad is anything like mine, nowadays he is hard of hearing. A TV sound bar is the best way to go about it. Just imagine his face when he can finally hear the TV even without the subtitles on the screen. (PS he’ll likely keep the subtitles on but it’s the thought that counts.)

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  • 4) Massage Gun

    Does you dad look like he could use a little R&R? While you may not be able to get him a spa treatment, a massage gun can do some wonders. These are great for dads who are constantly on the move or the ones who just need some help relaxing their muscles.

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  • Wireless Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker

    If your dad is like mine then you’ve definitely found him watching a movie on his phone several times. This would be a great gift for dads who like to watch sporting events, movies, TV shows, etc. from their phones. The stand not only helps take some of the pressure off your dad, but it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so he can hear the audio magnified.

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  • Bluetooth Hat with Light

    Alright, for all of you kids who had to hold the flashlight steady while your dad was working on his car or some other random household appliance… this one is for you. Give you dad the gift of peace of mind. This hat comes with the light at the head so he can easily see into whatever he’s working on. And it comes with Bluetooth connectivity so he can even listen to his favorite podcasts while he works.

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  • 7) Golf Simulator

    I think this might be the ultimate gift idea for the golfers out there. Your dad will definitely consider you the favorite if you pull out all the stops with a golf simulator for Father’s Day.

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