Must Haves

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Are you going to Essence Fest this year? Trust me when I say Essence Fest is a dream of mine! I plan to go one year with my mom because she tells me all the time how amazing her experience was. Essence Fest happens every year in New Orleans, LA, and brings the spirit of the music to us all. There will be performances by some of our favorites such as Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Ari Lennox, Jagged Edge, Tems, and MORE! 

So, since I cannot participate in the festivities this year – I thought maybe I would get you a list of some Essence Fest necessities you might need last minute. Remember, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, partying, and jamming so you might want to make sure you have some last-minute essentials to survive the weekend! 

  • Essence Fest Shirt

    Need a last-minute outfit? Check out this Essence Fest shirt with some of your favorite artists on it. Nothing can ever go wrong with a t-shirt because you can always cut it up, crop it, or do whatever if you want!

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  • Portable Charger

    Listen, this is a necessity always! A portable charger will always save the day. I have been in plenty of situations and my phone almost died. So, why not have a portable charger ready to go while you’re enjoying the festival so you can have plenty of juice to record everything you need? 

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  • Clear Bag

    Listen, you never know with these rules so going clear is ALWAYS smart. But, when you’re in Essence Fest, they do give away a LOT of free stuff. But, you’re going to want to have somewhere to put them just to be safe so why not have a clear bag? 

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  • Portable Umbrella

    Now, this is a hit or miss depending on the person. My mom had one and said it was a lifesaver for her. Not only because the weather was a little iffy during her time there, but for the SUN! So many black folks in one area, baby it’s HOT.  

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  • Essence Fest Fist T-Shirt

    A shirt is always a good time! Here’s another cool Essence Fest design to wear while you’re out and about during the festival. A cool idea would be to have the shirt ready so that if you ever meet a celebrity or run into someone on the streets, you could get them to sign it. My mom used a frame when she went but a shirt would be a cool memory!

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  • Portable Fan

    Now, we know New Orleans is a different type of heat. The humidity, the crowds, you’re bound to bust a little sweat or two throughout the weekend. So, what’s a game changer that will help? A portable fan! I invested in one of these when I was there for Mardi Gras and beyond grateful I did! That was in February, so I am sure you will need this while there for Essence Fest.  

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