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Hey Nosey Neighbors! Are you ready for some Carolina Panthers football? Yeah, we’re reppin’ the Panthers all season long – no matter what. But, what’s a better way to celebrate a new season than coppin’ some new Carolina Panthers gear? From the jerseys, sweatshirts, and hats to the bottle openers, chains, and backpacks it’s all Carolina or nothing.

This year is sure to be amazing! With brand new faces like Bryce Young, we are so excited for the official start of the season. Football is just one of those games that makes you want to get all decked out. How many times have you found yourself looking for a gift for someone during the year for whatever occasion and ended up buying them something from the Panthers? It just happens when you’re a diehard fan right? So, we’re looking at this pre-season time as a birthday gift to yourself.

The regular season starts officially for us Panthers fans on September 10th. But our first official home game is September 18th. That gives us plenty of time to get our perfect game-day attire together. Trust me when I say you want to be rocking the Carolina Panther blue at Bank of America Stadium.

So what does that mean for you? It means I’ve combed through the internet to find some awesome Panthers items that are going to help you look and feel like the diehard fan you are. So let’s gear up to cheer on Bryce Young and the Panthers this year. So check out some must have Carolina Panthers gear that you are going to HAVE to have!

  • Lucky Game Day Candle

    Here is something you probably have not had yet, a Panthers candle! Bring some good luck and energy into your home every week during a Panthers game by lighting this special game day candle. Have your home smell good when you’re celebrating a Panthers win every week.

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  • Vintage Carolina Panthers Sweatshirt

    A sweatshirt is sometimes a must during football season as it gets colder the further we get into the season. But, you don’t want just a basic sweatshirt. Check out this vintage Carolina Panthers sweatshirt that will keep you warm and stylish the whole game.

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  • Bryce Young Jersey

    Of course, we gotta rep our new man to the team. #1 draft pick, starting quarterback, we are ready for Bryce Young to hit the field. Let’s see what this young one is gonna bring to the team and rep his jersey this season. If you haven’t already gotten it, then you got some time!

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  • Carolina Panthers Apple Watch Band

    I love a good Apple watch band. It’s great to be able to switch them out and rotate between different ones, so of course, we checking out a Carolina Panthers one. Wear it every day or wear it only on game days – either way, its great to have during the season or whenever!

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  • Vintage Panthers Hat

    A little throwback to the 90s, when the style was immaculate. Check out this Carolina Panthers vintage hat with the chill vibes of the 90s but the style of today. This would make a nice fit, especially with some Jordan 1s, a t-shirt, and this hat – talk about a game-day fit!

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  • Carolina Panthers Throw Blanket

    Check out this throw blanket. Let’s be real, a blanket while you’re chilling on the couch watching the game never sounded like a bad idea. You might as well wrap yourself up in some Panthers gear if you are going to do your team any justice.

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  • Carolina Panthers Shot Glasses

    Not much to really say when it comes to these. You’re going to have a good drink while you’re watching the game so you might as well have a good shot glass to use when you celebrate every touchdown. Too much? I think not!

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  • Bryce Young T-Shirt

    We already know Young is going to be taking the field all season. Gotta celebrate the newest player to the team and this is a great way to do so. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the jersey, this T-shirt is a great option for everybody.

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