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Hey there, it’s Kelley here again for some extremely important news…pet Halloween costumes! Specifically, 9 of the most popular pet costumes for 2023! Every item on this list received a minimum of one thousand reviews and had at least four stars. You know I would never steer you wrong when it involves dogs or any other furry, fuzzy, or feathered friend.

Pretty much every year for the last nine years I’ve said to myself out loud ‘no way, I won’t torture Walter with a costume’ and then it’s October 31st and he’s giving me major side eye because of the (insert adorable costume here) I made him wear. To be fair, I only keep it on long enough to get a picture and until he eventually wriggles out of it on his own. I can’t help it, there are just so many great costumes out there.

Some of you probably pass out candy or even go trick-or-treating with your pets too I imagine! Every year, I see a few walking around the neighborhood and I’m always so excited to see them dressed up. I mean, who said Halloween had to just be for humans? Plus, some of the funniest costumes are great for pets. Like the ones where it looks like they’re holding a package or have tiny human-like legs? Hilarious!

And I know not everyone has a dog, so I’ve included a few other ideas for your cat or even your hedgehog. Who knew? If you purchase one of these popular pet costumes share a picture of your pet dressed up with us on social!

  • Pet Cat Bat Wings

    Turn your cat into a creature of the night with this adorable set of black felt bat wings. They’ve already got the fangs part down so add this adjustable, lightweight costume to finish the look.

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  • UPS Dog Costume

    I totally understand why this is UPS outfit is one of the most popular pet costumes for 2023 and I dare you not to giggle when you see your pooch pal running across the living room in it. Slip your dog’s (or cat!) front legs through the pant legs and they’re instantly transformed and ready to deliver on time. 

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  • Lion Mane for Dog Costumes

    See my aforementioned note of torturing Walter with one of these (insert eye roll here). There’s a reason that this lion’s mane “wig” for dogs is continuously one of the most popular pet costumes and that reason (or rather reasons) is that its realistic, easy to put on and comfortable for your pet to wear and super affordable.

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  • Cowboy Riding Pet Costume

    You may have seen this riding cowboy costume out in the wild, I know I have. And I never fail to laugh, it’s so enjoyable. This is such an easy costume, just strap around your pooch and go, and it will surely win you a best-dressed title. Git along lil’ doggy!

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  • Royal Pet Cloak

    We all know cats have a very high opinion of themselves, the royalty of the house in their own minds. Well, now you can fulfill that prophecy with this luxurious cape, complete with crushed red velvet, faux fur collar, and gold embroidery along the sides. Perfect for Halloween or just lounging around the house among their servants.

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  • French Pet Costume

    I admit that I’m biased toward this popular pet costume for 2023 but, I mean, is this not made for a French Bulldog? This stereotypical “French” outfit nails it all…petit, customizable beret, and classic striped shirt with a red scarf. And it comes in 10 sizes! I think I know what Walter will be wearing this year.

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  • Bad To The Bone Skeleton Personalized Costume

    Perhaps the simplest of items on our most popular pet costumes for the 2023 list is this “bad to the bone” t-shirt. Cute and funny, it’s as easy as slipping on over your dog and you’re ready for Halloween. For an extra touch, personalize it with your pet’s name. 

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  • Custom Made Pet Pilot Costume

    I know this costume is on the pricier end, but the quality and care put into this outfit is worth every penny. This tailor-made aviator uniform is made to order, with your dog’s specific measurements and choice of stripes based on pilot status.

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  • Handmade Pet Lobster Costume

    I promised a Hedgehog costume and here it is. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the only one. Why not include the whole crew in that Halloween photo and dress your little friend up as a Lobster. Just make sure no one mistakes them for the real thing! 

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