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When is the last time you got someone on April Fools’ Day? A good April Fools’ Day joke takes planning and commitment… OR you can cheat with these 9 questionable ideas for April Fools’ Day.  Fake lottery tickets, fart machines, and so much more. You’re welcome.

In the old days of radio, we pulled some stuff you’d never get away with today and it was a ton of fun.  

One station I worked at made an entire format change. They said their new call letters were WOMB and played a bunch of Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, and Joan Osborne.  We used to brainstorm ideas months ahead of time.  For probably the last 15 years, pretty much all DJs get an email reminder NOT to jack with people on April Fools’ Day.  It’s sad but true.

In the name of poor choices, immaturity, and kicking it old school, enjoy these pranks, gags, and miscellaneous bad ideas as we tip our hat to April Fools’ Day.