Must Haves

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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing influencing platforms on the planet. And it has gotten me many many times. Some of my favorite videos are the products that are not only affordable but feel like luxury items. Now some of these may seem bizarre to some of you because they might be a necessity to you, but when I found them from TikTok they weren’t necessities for me. These items include slippers, keyboard cleaners, lighters, etc. Check them out below! 

  • 1) Cloud Slippers

    These are definitely luxury items for me. I’m not usually one who likes to wear shoes around my home, but truly this feels like walking on pillows. They’re so comfy and honestly, after I saw a bunch of TikTokers talk about it I decided to buy a pair. They’re usually only $35.99 and right now they’re on sale so they’re even cheaper—definitely an affordable luxury item.

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  • 2) Mini Bag Sealer

    Yep, this is definitely not a necessity, right? But the number of times this came in handy for me is too many to count. I get lots of snacks for my house and have various cravings so sometimes I find stale snacks. This mini bag sealer helps you keep those snacks fresh.

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  • 3) Keyboard Cleaner Tool

    Not only does this cleaner help you dust your keyboard but it’s a multi-tool that also helps you clean your headphones. I didn’t realize how great this could be for me until I finally got it. It’s been such a great cleaning tool for me and I love having it around.

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  • 4) Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

    Speaking of cleaning. These desktop vacuum cleaners are very unique and great for cleaning small harder places. I definitely use this to clean out desk drawers and smaller nooks like that.

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  • 5) Rechargable Electric Arc Lighter

    I know they seem silly because so many of us are used to traditional lighters, but think about the fact that this is rechargeable. I never have to do a late-night run to the store because I have an electric lighter right at hand. A luxury item that is very affordable and definitely worth its price.

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  • 6) Ice Roller

    This one is definitely for the skincare lovers out there. I wasn’t convinced I needed an ice roller until I got one and saw how great it was for reducing puffiness. Whether it’s under the eyes or around my cheeks, I feel like every time I use my ice roller I find myself feeling cleaner and healthier. It’s also great for reducing redness so it’s really lovely if you get a sunburn. 

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  • 7) Windshield Cleaner

    I am a stickler for keeping my car clean. The windshield is probably the hardest part though. I don’t have the longest arms so I’m constantly having to over-extend to stretch and clean it. This handy cleaner is basically like a duster but for your windshield and truly it’s an affordable luxury I never knew I needed.

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  • 8) Milk Frother

    Probably my most lavish luxury, but not price-wise. A milk frother is wonderful if you love making coffee from home. I make a lot of iced coffee at home and topping it off with frothed milk is one of the best parts. This is perfect for any coffee lover!

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