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Have you ever planned a bachelorette party? There’s so much that goes into the perfect weekend celebrating the bride before the big day. First, you have to choose a location, and theme, plan an itinerary, and get decorations. To help ease the planning process, we made a list of the 7 items you absolutely need for the perfect bachelorette party no matter your theme!

You’ve seen the groups in party buses and pedal bars, but now the girlies keep going all out. The bachelorette party concept has definitely become more popular over the years. It used to be just a one-night or maybe weekend occasion in the bride’s hometown. These days bridal parties are packing their bags and going to other cities to celebrate never being single again. Even before the popular film, The Hangover, it’s been common for men to celebrate their bachelor party in Vegas. Now, most women flock to cities like Nashville (now jokingly called NashVegas), New Orleans, or Miami for their bachelorette party.  

While it’s common for the maid of honor/bridesmaids to plan the party, they usually need a lot of input from the bride to make it special. Normally every bachelorette party has a certain theme, depending on the bride’s request. One of our favorite themes we’ve seen on social media is dressing up as the bride’s favorite thing. We’ve also seen themes like Barbie, Till Death Do Us Party, Space Cowgirl, Final Fiesta, Taylor Swift… You get the point. We’ve also noticed common hacks like wearing a QR code button that links to a Venmo so other people can buy the bride a drink. Or, simply asking “What do you do for bachelorette parties?” at restaurants, clubs, and hotels can go a long way. 

No matter the theme your bride chooses for her special weekend, you’ll need these 7 items to help make the perfect bachelorette party. 

  • Rose Gold Bridal Shower Party Decor and Supplies

    The very first item on your list should be some type of balloon backdrop material for the perfect photos. This kit has all you’ll need from “Bride To Be” letter balloons, ring balloons, and streamers. Of course, if you’re sticking to a certain theme, there are plenty more options out there that can match your vibe. 

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  • GEMICH Bride sash/Bridesmaid sash(12 Pack)

    When you’re out on the town, the mission is to always get as many free drinks as possible. This sash pack will definitely help your bridal party stand out in a crowd and will have people asking for the bride-to-be. 

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  • Bachelorette Party Decorations Straws

    Whether you’re staying in or going out, these reusable straws are the perfect touch for any bachelorette weekend. We chose the ring option for the bridesmaids but there’s also an adult version (wink wink). 

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  • Hangover Kit

    This hangover kit will be a lifesaver for the whole crew. You can make them yourself and fill them with all the hangover essentials like Advil, Liquid IV, Band-Aids, make-up wipes, etc. Or you can skip the hassle and buy these ready-made kits!

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  • 16Pairs Heart Sunglasses for Women

    Have the squad looking stylish in these heart-shaped sunglasses. These are perfect for any theme, or just to use for props in photos. There are other options online that have a pair of white sunglasses for the bride.

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  • Custom Personalized Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos

    Such a fun idea to let the groom tag along with the bridal party. This is for the bachelorette parties that take place weeks before the big day. Because as much as the bride loves her groom, we bet she wouldn’t want him “tatted” on her bridesmaids in wedding photos.

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  • Printed Party Bachelorette Dare Card Scratch Off Game

    Never let your party fizzle out. This scratch-off card game will keep things interesting all night. Each card features a unique dare guaranteeing lots of laughter at your party. Many reviews said this game was the highlight reel of their bachelorette party!

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