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Back-to-school shopping can be hit or miss. It is a bittersweet season. I remember, as a little kid, getting so excited about going back to school. The shopping for new clothes and school supplies. The excitement about seeing your friends again, and it was always fun to see how much kids changed over the three-month summer break.  

Then, as I got older, I still loved shopping for new school clothes, but I remember getting stressed out about school supplies. Mainly because my mom would often go shopping without me. I know she meant well, but Mom would always choose function over fashion. I hated being the only girl at school with plain-Jane folders and boring, yellow, number-two pencils when the other girls had folders with their favorite musicians and personalized pencils – or MECHANICAL PENCILS! Those were super cool.  

There’s a special electricity in the air this time of year with back-to-school shopping that I still feel today. And anxiety. I still feel the anxiety associated with going back to school. Will I know where my classes are? Will I be able to unlock my locker quickly enough to get to class on time? Will I or one of my friends find a new friend group, and how will I feel about that?  

And I will never forget this … It was eighth grade and our English teacher, Ms. Amesbury, insisted we all have a large three-ring binder for all the paperwork she was going to give us. While everyone else had a cool binder that expressed their personality, mine was orange with a pink grid pattern on it. It was the last one in the bargain bin, and it was all mine. I was mortified. I never shook that feeling. It stayed with me to this day.  

Listen, moms and dads, don’t ruin your child by getting them dorky back-to-school items. Today, you don’t have to break the bank to get some cool stuff for your cool kid, so they feel cool when they walk the halls this school year. Be the hero, not the zero with back-to-school shopping. 

  • First Day of School Sign

    Kids grow up so fast! Make sure you remember your kids at every age with a cute photo of them on the first day of school each year, and how much fun it will be to see, not only their appearance change as they grow but their ideas about what they want to be when they grow up, too.

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  • Personalized #2 Pencils

    When I was a kid I loved having my name on everything. These pencils will make school fun! Okay. That was a stretch. At least your kid won’t lose his or her pencil … because it has their name on it.

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  • School Supply Name Labels

    As a mom, you know your kid is going to school and getting their stuff mixed up with other kids’ stuff. Make sure they get their supplies back by putting these cute labels on everything! Not only are they cute looking, but they’re waterproof and dishwasher-safe. 

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  • Personalized Bottle Bands

    Have you ever been to an event and you misplaced your water bottle. There are 7 water bottles on the table, which could be yours? If it happens to you, it definitely happens to your kids at school. 

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  • Personalized Pencil Pouch

    How cute is this? The personalized canvas pencil case comes in multiple styles. These are great options for any kid in school, it allows them to have something colorful and fun, but with a personalized twist.

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  • Vinyl Stickers

    If your student has a water bottle or laptop, you’ve seen these vinyl stickers that are used to decorate and personalize. Great for teachers to use as prizes or in the classroom! 

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  • Aesthetic Mechanical Pencil Kit

    These pencils are so pretty, and this kit is so convenient. You get the pencils, extra lead, and extra erasers, all in a handy-dandy case.

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  • Pencil Case/Organizer

    What a great and stylish way to stay organized. This pencil case/organizer is just what your student needs to have everything they need at the ready for a successful school day! 

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  • Notebooks

    These colorful spiral-bound notebooks add cool vibes to an otherwise boring school day. Add a little sunshine to your student’s day! 

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  • Highlighters

    Everyone needs highlighters and these do the trick. The mustaches on them make them fun and fun is fun!!! 

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  • Label Maker

    While your student might want his or her name on their belongings, they definitely don’t want mom to sew it into their underwear. This label maker is a cool way for your student to label their stuff in a neat and creative way. 

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  • Scientific Calculator with Notepad

    You remember hitting that age when your parents had to invest in a scientific calculator. This one looks super cool with a large screen and even a notepad option.

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  • Fidget Gel Pen

    I bought one of these as a birthday gift for my son’s friend last year. It was such a hit my son got one. Yes, it is distracting. But it is also a creative way to fidget. 

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  • Backpack

    I have this backpack and I love it. Granted, I’m not in school, but it definitely works great for college, high school, or work. Lots of compartments, room for my laptop and tech. It has a little lock and comes in great colors. PLUS! At the time of posting it is 44% off! 

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  • Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook

    If you want to be a little more eco-friendly, this notebook is amazing! Not only does it help with you “endlessly reusable and digitally connected.” You just write on the Rocketbook pages and then use the free Rocketbook App to scan all of your notes into the cloud. Your student can then be all digital!

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