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Back To The Future is one of those beloved movies (and franchises) that have created generations and generations of fans. The concept is a perfect blend of science fiction and comedy. Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s portrayal of Marty McFly and Doc Brown are characters that are so beloved you’ve probably seen adaptations of them and didn’t even know it (we’re looking at you, Rick and Morty). And now, it looks like a musical adaptation of this classic film is coming to Broadway!  

So because of this insane news, we decided to put together a list of 14 cool Back To The Future must have items that any superfan will absolutely love owning. Buckle up, folks, because “where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” 

  • 1) The DeLorean Schematic T-Shirt


    “Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?” Yep, one of the best scenes in the entire movie has to be the first time we see the DeLorean time travel with Einstein the dog in the car. This t-shirt is super cool because it features schematics of the DeLorean, including spots where it notes the 88mph requirement for time travel and the flux capacitor.

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  • 2) Back To The Past T-Shirt

    I am all for funny t-shirts. Especially ones that are just kind of witty. This Back To The Past tee is not only inspired by Back To The Future with the keyboard key figures looking like Marty and Doc after the DeLorean shoots by them for the first time, but the keys that they are, are the keyboard shortcut people can use to delete things. Get it… Back To The Past? It’s genius. You can grab this in sizes small through 5XL.

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  • 3) Back To The Future Laser Cut Time Circuit Board

    Okay, seriously how cool is this? It features the two main dates from the timelines in the first Back To The Future movie and honestly this is such a cool collector’s item. Any fan would be lucky to own it! 

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  • 4) Great Scott! Phone Case

    One of Doc Brown’s most iconic lines and catchphrases. This Great Scott phone case is a cool and very simple way to show your love for this movie franchise. It’s available for many iPhone and Samsung models.  

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  • 5) Back To The Future TV Mug

    I love cool mugs like this. And if you’re a mug collector and a huge fan of this movie then you’re going to want to add this to your cart immediately. Not only does the mug feature a cool retro TV design, but it is also heat-changing. When the mug heats up the DeLorean can be seen!

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  • 6) Visit Twin Pines Mall T-shirt

    One of my favorite types of fan t-shirts is those subtle shirts that could easily be made for a real company or place. That’s why I had to add this one to our Back To The Future list. This Visit Twin Pines Mall tee is the perfect way to spot fans in the wild because the real fans will read it and know the location immediately.

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  • 7) Back To The Future Script Wall Art

    Some people are just super talented. This piece of wall art features a drawing of the iconic DeLorean, but with one crazy twist on it. The image is made out of the entire Back To The Future script! Seriously, how genius is that?!

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  • 8) Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads License Plate Cover


    Another amazing line from this franchise. This license plate cover would look incredible on your car, and hey if you still have a DeLorean hanging around that you’d like to add something fun to… well, I think you know where we’re going with that one.

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  • 9) Doc Brown’s Garage Tee

    This tee is one of our favorites because it really captures the essence of the film. The design is super cool and it is available in a wide range of sizes from Small to 5XL. 

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  • 10) Back To The Future Logo Light

    Now, this is something. The iconic Back To The Future logo has a light? Sounds like a really fun addition to any man cave or collector’s shelf. This light is approximately 8cm × 28.5cm × 15cm. It takes AA batteries or can be powered by USB.

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  • 11) Marvin Berry and the Starlighters Tee


    We all remember the moment when Marty plays Johnny B Goode at the prom in Back To The Future with Marvin Berry and the Starlighters Tee. So we figured why wouldn’t we find a cool “band” tee for this list?

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  • 12) OUTATIME Coffee Mug

    The DeLorean’s license plate as a coffee mug? *Sighs and adds to cart* But seriously grab this, because it’s awesome and definitely a cool gift idea for a fan.

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  • 13) DeLorean Outline T-shirt

    We know there are tons of DeLorean items on this list, but we had to include this one because… well, it just makes sense! This tee comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes and is a great option for any Back To The Future fan.

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  • 14) Back To The Future Neon Sign

    We wanted to save one of the coolest items for last. This is a neon Back To The Future sign, and it is a rare find. There aren’t that many left in stock, so if you’re a superfan of this film franchise you need to snag this immediately. You can even pick the neon color for your sign. This would be an incredible gift idea or piece of wall art for a gaming room, man cave, etc. 

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