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The Barbie movie this summer has become a cultural phenomenon. The iconic doll has been revived in the best way possible in the Greta Gerwig-directed film starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, American Ferrera, and Simu Liu. Their outfits were legendary in the film as well as on the red carpets as the film premiered all over the world. Robbie stars as the titular character, and she recreated outfits inspired by the actual doll during the press tour, having our jaws drop every time.

“Barbiecore” is the theme of 2023 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s face it — Barbie pink and recreating the doll’s looks are so fun to try in your own wardrobe and home decor! Every Barbie girl must have some beautiful Barbie-inspired things. To incorporate “Barbiecore” in your daily life, the obvious answer is the color pink. All shades of pink — from baby pink to hot pink — are a staple, on top of adding white, silver, or black, adding to that hyper-feminine aesthetic. And with the holidays coming, so do the Barbie Christmas decorations.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not carry the Barbie aesthetic over? Turn your winter wonderland into a pink pasture with Barbie-inspired decorations for your home. The season is a magical one, and with all things pink and glittery, we don’t see anything much more magical than that! With our specially curated list, we cover all the bases to make sure you can turn virtually every part of your home into a Barbie world. From Christmas trees to ornaments, LED lights to stockings, we’ve got all the holiday essentials and more. Here are our favorite Barbie inspired Christmas decorations.

  • 6 Foot Pink Pencil Christmas Tree

    Don’t buy a real tree — instead opt for a plastic one that can be reused over and over again. And on top of that, an adorable and modern baby pink one! Get that delicious pine smell by spraying the plastic tree, with none of the mess or allergies. On top of that, take your worries about fires away with this flame-retardant tree. This tree will inspire your friends and family alike to snag one for themselves!

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  • Pink LED Lights

    Whether you have a tree or want to decorate the inside of your house or the outside, these pink LED string lights are the best and brightest way to evoke that Barbie energy! With 200 pink LED string lights with a total length of 66 feet, you are sure to have ample lighting. The great thing about these lights is that if one bulb goes out, the rest stays lit. Keep your mind at ease with high quality commercial grade 22 gauge wire with a pure copper core, wrapped in rubber that is infused with fire resistant materials, for longer runs and extended life.

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  • Pretty in Pink Ornament

    Every tree needs this classic Barbie glass ornament featuring the iconic doll’s silhouette. With a white and pink motif, little rhinestone beads for her “scrunchie,” all wrapped up with a gingham bow, this is the cutest decoration you could possibly find. Snag one for yourself and your girl bestie to have unique, matching Barbie decorations!

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  • Pink Trees

    Now, these pink trees are perfect to decorate your home Barbie-style. Arrange them by your favorite shade of pink and size for your table setting or home entrance to add pink wherever you can. The cone shape and fabric will add elegance to your space, all while living up to that Barbie flair.

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  • Glitter Heel Ornament

    Now, this ornament screams Barbie girl living in a Barbie World this holiday season. The pink heel is eye-catching, with a bow detail that your tree absolutely needs. At over four inches tall, this is a tree decoration that adds that extra-ness that every Barbie lover wants.

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  • Pink Nutcracker King

    There is a nutcracker for every aesthetic out there and we are loving this one that just evokes Barbie energy! This glittering pink nutcracker has the cutest boots with rhinestone detailing. It stands at a foot tall and is made from traditional, hand-painted wood.

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  • Pink Faux Fur Christmas Stockings

    There are two things every Barbie girl loves: the color pink and some fur. These baby pink faux fur stockings are the perfect merriment of the two! This listing comes with a pack of four, and each stocking measures 20 inches across!

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  • Hallmark Barbie Mermaid Christmas Ornament

    Make a “splash” this holiday season with this Hallmark Christmas ornament featuring a Barbie Mermaid with wavy purple hair and a sparkling hot pink tail. This is a great Christmas gift idea for yourself or any fan of classic Barbie dolls. The ornament is made of resin and comes with a hanger attachment for a ribbon or ornament hook.

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  • Pink Deer Figurines

    For those who are fans of Barbie but also classic Christmas decorations, these two-piece deer miniatures are the perfect gift. The angelic, sleepy pink deer are made of resin, with pink crystal antlers, and will add both charm and elegance to your home this holiday season.

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  • Hot Pink Velvet Christmas Bauble

    Now this Christmas tree bauble is the ultimate Barbie-lovers/Sailor Moon mashup. The girliness level of this velvet, rhinestone, bow-accessorized bauble is the epitome of what a Barbie girl needs this holiday season. Literally look no further for what to decorate your tree with — this is the ultimate decoration.

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