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One of my favorite time-sucks is TikTok. Specifically, those TikTok creators who love to clean and redecorate their bedrooms. They have such a beautiful aesthetic and I’m constantly wanting to replicate it. While my true décor hunting skills may be lacking, my ability to find some of the coolest and most aesthetically pleasing TikTok bedroom items is not. So, if you’re like me and hoping to recreate those gorgeous rooms, here’s everything you will need to get that TikTok bedroom look.

  • 1) Wall Vessels

    One of the key elements to that TikTok bedroom aesthetic is the addition of greenery. Faux and real plants are a big part of the clean girl look and that’s really what the TikTok bedroom look spins off of. These wall vessels are beautiful. They add a beautiful pop to your wall and if you throw in some nice faux foliage you’re definitely on the road to the TikTok bedroom.

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  • 2) Rope Basket Storage Containers

    You definitely see these a lot on TikTok. These rope baskets come in various sizes and are great for storing some of your bedroom essentials like blankets and accessories, while still giving you that clean girl look.

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  • 3) Remote Control Holder

    Organization is another key component of the TikTok bedroom. These creators always seem to be so put together with their organization! If you’re like me and have a TV in your room you may also have a lot of different remotes. I have at least two and I feel like I’m always misplacing them. This controller caddy not only comes in a variety of colors so you can add a pop of brightness to your room but is great for holding remotes and other essentials that you need next to you.

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  • 4) Tiered Makeup Organizer

    I absolutely LOVE the metal and light wood color of this makeup organizer. If you’re like me and you also have to have your vanity and makeup station in your room then an organizer is a serious must! This one fits in with that Boho bedroom look and has multiple tiers so you can hold a lot of products.

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  • 5) Mini Fridge

    Skincare, bedside drinks, and snacks, however, you use it let’s face it we’ve seen tons of these in TikToks recently. Now personally, if you’re going to go for the soft clean look in your room you’ll want to go with this white mini-fridge, but there are multiple color options available so you can pick whichever fits your vibe best.

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  • 6) Wall Shelf

    This is such a good lifestyle item. Whether you grab this for a dorm or for your room, this wall shelf is great for making sure you don’t lose things among your blankets. You can easily fit your cell phone, AirPods case, glasses, etc. 

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  • 7) 20-inch Vanity Mirror

    Here’s another gorgeous find to complete that TikTok bedroom aesthetic. This 20-inch light-up vanity mirror is gorgeous and if you have the space, this is the perfect splurge item!

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  • 8) Moon Phase Mirror Wall Décor

    Speaking of cute mirrors, how about a little bit of wall décor? These moon phase mirrors are really adorable. They will definitely add a fun touch to any bedroom wall.

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  • 9) Cloud Neon Light

    If you want to add something a bit edgier, this cloud neon light is the way to go. It will provide a cool little pop to your wall that not everyone will have.

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  • 10) Navy Quilt Bedspread

    I’m all about trying new bedspreads out. And this new one from Target is super cute. It fits into that Boho chic look and when paired with a couple of cute throw pillows like this one here, you’ll add a splash of brightness to the overall room.

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  • 11) Shoe Sling Rack

    Another great way to keep your room organized is to have a shoe rack. Like I said before, one of the key elements to that TikTok bedroom is organization and this simple shoe rack allows you to see all of your gorgeous shoes while still keeping them neat and organized!

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  • 12) Knit Throw Blanket

    One of my favorite parts of those TikTok videos where the creators are tidying up their bedrooms is the super cute cable knit throw blankets they have on the foot of their bed. This one from Target is perfect. It comes in a couple of neutral color choices so you can have your pick for the perfect room aesthetic.

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  • 13) Double Laundry Basket

    Not only will this help you keep things more organized, but it’s become a real life hack on TikTok. These double sided laundry baskets are great for helping you keep your clothes separated. If you’re like me, some tops or pants don’t necessarily need to be thrown into the laundry right away. They may be able to be worn again. That’s why the double laundry basket is helpful. You can have one side for the actually dirty clothes and the other for the stuff you’re interested in wearing again before having to put it in the wash.

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  • 14) Bed MadeEZ Tool

    This is another life hack moment for you. Making your bed every day can be really great! It helps you reset everything and allows you to keep things looking clean. But having to change your sheets can be a hassle and can often feel like an Olympic sport. This Bed MadeEZ tool helps you easily tuck your sheets and life your mattress so you’re not fighting putting that fitted sheet on.

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  • 15) Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

    Here’s another bedroom essential tool that you will not regret owning. When you go to clean your room having a handheld vacuum cleaner like this one will allow you to do some more in-depth cleaning of places like your desk drawers, keyboards, window sills, etc. Those smaller hard-to-reach places are now a lot easier!

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  • 16) Hearth & Hand Room Spray

    You’ve probably seen a lot of TikTok creators use these Hearth & Hand room sprays from Target’s Magnolia collection. And there is a reason for it. They smell so good. I have two and I alternate between them so my room has a really lovely smell. This room spray will be the cherry on top of that TikTok bedroom aesthetic that you’re going for.

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