Must Haves

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Buying a gift for a friend or loved one can be so daunting sometimes. But the best way to choose a gift for a friend is to get them something that reminds you of them. That’s where this list comes in. We know that music is a universal love for many people. So, no matter what artist or band is their favorite we found 11 of the best gifts for music lovers.

  • 1) It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Vinyl

    You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt, and this one is both funny and awesome. Vinyl collectors know this statement to be true, you can never have enough vinyl.

  • 2) Nostalgic Victrola

    This will definitely be a fun and unique gift. This turntable is a classic, nostalgic-looking Victrola that not only plays your records but also has Bluetooth, Built-In Speakers, a CD and cassette player, and, our favorite, FM radio!

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  • 3) Vinyl Moon Subscription

    Speaking of more vinyl, how about a cool vinyl subscription? Every month, your friend or loved one will receive a monthly release is a full LP “mixtape” of 10 songs from stellar emerging artists from around the globe. How cool is that? 

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  • 4) Musical Sticky Notes

    This is a fun little gift any music lover can enjoy and add to their desk. Little tchotchkes like this are perfect when you want something small, but fun as a gift.

  • 5) Vinyl Record Coasters

    These are awesome! Vinyl-inspired coasters?! I absolutely need this immediately.

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  • 6) Game That Song Card Game

    How about a fun game for a music lover?! This would be perfect for my mom who is so good and remembering song titles just from a few little details or a single beat from the song.

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  • 7) Favorite Song Wall Art

    Do you know your friend’s favorite song? This is a really beautiful gift that shows how much you care about them.

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  • 8) It Was Better On Vinyl

    Another great shirt! I’m sure several of us have said the same thing about lots of songs.

  • 9) Bluetooth Speaker

    A Bluetooth speaker is never a bad idea. So many people love them for summer and tailgates, etc. This one from Sonos is really nice. It’s waterproof, drop-resistant, and has up to 10 hours of battery life.

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  • 10) Personalized Guitar Pick Sign

    Okay, how cool is this sign? This personalized guitar pick sign could be a really cool piece of décor for a home. Plus this would be a really unique gift and not something most people would get for them.

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  • 11) Guitar Pick Holder

    This would be another awesome gift for a music lover who likes to collect guitar picks. We can imagine this as a place to keep guitar pick mementos from the concerts!

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