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Shopping for the holidays is one of my favorite times of the year. But the trickiest part for me is finding gifts for the teens on my shopping list. I always feel like I never know what to get them. This year, however, I think I’ve cracked the code. With how popular TikTok is among the Gen Zs I’ve found several items that I think will be great picks for the teens on your list.

  • 1) iWalk Portable Charger

    I know you hear a lot of people complaining about kids being on their phones a lot, but that’s the truth. They are on their phones a lot. Something like this portable charger shows that you understand their interests lie within cyberspace, and it would definitely help them while they’re at school so their phones don’t die.

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  • 2) The COMFY

    This is easily one of my favorite TikTok purchases. And while I’m not a teen, I know that many teens are on TikTok and probably have this on their wish list. It’s incredibly comfortable hence the name, and it keeps you nice and cozy. Let’s be fair, that’s all these kids want at the end of the day is to come home and relax.

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  • 3) Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Ports

    You teens may already have a backpack, but this one is actually really great for them. Many schools nowadays hand out laptops so students can submit homework. And even if your school isn’t a part of that the chances are that they have their own laptop to complete their homework anyway. Get them a backpack that’s designed with them in mind. It has a built-in USB charger outside and a built-in charging cable inside, this laptop bookbag offers you a more convenient way to charge your phone while walking. A super convenient and practical gift for them to be sure. 

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  • 4) Photo Clip String Lights

    Listen, if there is one thing I know about teen girls it’s that it’s all about the aesthetics. Making your bedroom look like the perfect Pinterest board replica is important to them. And one way to give them an assist with that is with these photo clip string lights. The aesthetic is there and it allows them to print off some of their favorite photos from Instagram or wherever.

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  • 5) Ted Lasso Shirt

    I know a lot of teen guys love their sports and Ted Lasso has appealed to so many age ranges. If you’re looking for a good go-to gift for a teen boy on your list this AFC Richmond greyhound shirt might be a great way to go. Plus, Famous in Real Life has a ton of other fun graphic tees that might also be interesting to the teens on your shopping list.

  • 6) Schrute Farms

    Speaking of graphic tees, The Office is a much-beloved show, with Dwight Schrute being a massive fan favorite. This shirt inspired by the character’s fictional farm could definitely be a good option for those on your shopping list.

  • 7) Claw Clips

    Yes, the 90s are back! And claw clips are all the rage. Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong with buying claw clips for the teen girl on your shopping list. I love the colors of these ones, but there are several other color choices if you’re looking for something different.

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  • 8) Personalized Headphone Holder

    Got a gamer on your list? This amazing headphone holder is a super cool gift idea for any teen. You can get even get it personalized with their gamer tag!

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  • 9) DIY Journal Set

    Bullet journaling is a huge thing nowadays. While I have no artistic ability, this stuff is actaully super fun and cool to do. Lots of TikTokers are doing it too so it makes it very topical and relevant if you have an artist teen on your shopping list.

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  • 10) Eddie Munson Shirt

    Stranger Things is a massively popular show among teens and adults. And listen, Eddie Munson is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds. This tee from Etsy is really cool though and definitely would be appreciated by a Stranger Things fan.

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  • 11) Hellfire Club Coffee Mug

    Speaking of Stranger Things, the Hellfire Club was incredibly important during this most recent season and for sure will win some brownie points for you among the teens on your list. This coffee mug has the Hellfire Club logo on it and would absolutely make a great gift for a teen.

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  • 12) Polaroid Camera Case/Carrier

    Lots of teens nowadays love Polaroid cameras. I meant it when I said the 90s were back! So if you know the teen on your shopping list has one this is a really great gift idea. It allows them to carry it around and keep the camera safe while not in use. Plus it comes in all sorts of different colors.

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  • 13) Personalized Makeup Bag

    This is just a cute gift idea. A makeup bag is like the first big step into being an adult for a teen. And having something personalized always makes it more special. If you have a teen on your shopping list who loves makeup and dreams of being a makeup artist, you can’t go wrong with this.

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