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It’s that time of year again! Time for the holiday parties and the good times with friends and family. As someone who loves and enjoys the holidays, one thing I am known for is my annual Christmas party. Although I just started doing it, we seem to keep getting bigger and better. I love this time of year and having a holiday party with the Christmas energy is all the joy! But, when it comes to a party we all know and love a good theme. One of the most common themes for this time of year is the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!”

Actually, this year my party’s theme will be “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and I will actually enjoy making this list for you. I enjoy wearing sweaters not only to themed parties but also at random times throughout the month of December. While I write this, I am actually excited for December 1st because I plan to wear my first sweater this Friday. I love a cute, “ugly” sweater because I enjoy showing off my holiday cheer. Everyone around me knows how much I enjoy the holiday season so wearing a sweater and bringing that Christmas energy would be a great thing! This list will be perfect for those looking for an “ugly” sweater. So, check out this list of some of the BEST “ugly” Christmas sweaters I could find. Find your size and add it to your cart ASAP!

  • Snoop Dogg "Santa" Sweater

    If you want something with a little “pop” then this sweater might be a great purchase idea for you. Enjoy a little holiday spice with Snoop Dogg as your holiday Santa. This sweater can mix your love for both hip hop and Christmas all in one.

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  • "You Miss You Drink" Game Sweater

    Bring the fun and get some tipsy elves around you with this “ugly” sweater. This interactive sweater allows you to truly be the life of the party. You can play this drinking game right on your shirt and if anyone misses the target, it’s time to take a drink. Whether you make them sip or take a shot, the choice is yours!

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  • Custom Face Christmas Sweater

    Now, if you want to really be a little different then you can’t go wrong with a custom sweater. Put your face (or someone you know face) on this holiday sweater. It’s Christmas lights on a sweater and you can put your faces on the lights as a little razzle dazzle. This could be cool for couples or for someone who just wants to be the center of attention for sure.

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  • LED Reindeer Sweater

    Light up the night with this reindeer Christmas sweater. You can light up the party with this sweater having LED lights on your little reindeer on your chest and celebrate the holidays like this. Have fun with this and see how much you can shine!

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  • "Put Out" for Santa

    Now, I know this one is a little bit more for the adults but come one, how funny is this? “I Put Out for Santa” yeah, lets get this Christmas sweater and enjoy the night. The adults can have a little fun when it comes to Christmas and this sweater is the perfect example of that.

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  • Sequin Red Vest

    Not feeling a sweater exactly? Well, spice things up with this cute red, Christmas vest. The vest has some shine with bright, red sequins and Christmas trees to let you shine through the whole night. Wear a simple turtle neck underneath or a slimmer sweater and shine bright all night. This could be great for both a party or even in the office if you need a little something.

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  • Elf Sweater Dress

    Looking to make things a little bit cuter? Here is a sweater dress that will allow you be “ugly” and very cute all at the same time. This cute elf sweater dress will allow you to dress up and celebrate all at the same time. Sometimes you’re not always wanting to be Santa, so this allows you to be an elf instead.

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  • Grinch Sweatshirt

    This Grinch sweatshirt will allow you to honor one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Don’t argue with me. So, you can enjoy this cute sweatshirt and honor the Grinch and all of his glory. Although you may not be the Grinch in spirit, honoring the movie can still be a little fun.

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