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All season long we’ve been getting some really cool new items celebrating the Sixers’ new City Jerseys and the NBA 75th anniversary. And if you’re a big sports memorabilia collector you gotta check out these Must Have items. These bobbleheads from FOCO are limited and will sell out quickly so make sure you snap them up fast!

  • Joel Embiid Philadelphia 76ers 2022 City Jersey Bobblehead

    Featuring the new 2022 City Jerseys, this Joel Embiid bobblehead is really awesome. Fresh off of the game 6 win, this is definitely a really cool collector’s item you don’t want to miss out on.

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  • James Harden Philadelphia 76ers 2022 City Jersey Bobblehead

    All of you Harden fans are probably rejoicing over this one. Game 6 against the Raptors was an incredible one for the Sixers, and while we anxiously await Monday’s game against Miami this James Harden bobblehead will have to keep us company. Like the Joel Embiid bobblehead, this features James Harden with the 2022 City Jersey against the Sixers mini background.

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  • Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers 75th Anniversary Bobblehead

    It feels like forever since we saw Allen Iverson on the court, but the reality is he’s only been retired a few years. This bobblehead is part of FOCO’s NBA 75th Anniversary collection and is easily one of our favorites in the entire collection. Again, these will sell out fast so make sure you grab yours quickly!

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  • Moses Malone Philadelphia 76ers 75th Anniversary Bobblehead

    Moses Malone was a true basketball legend. His 3 time NBA MVP awards are just the start of the late basketball player’s achievements. In his time with the 76ers, he helped them win the 1983 NBA Championship. This commemorative bobblehead featuring his iconic jersey number is one that definitely will have a place of pride on any collector’s shelf.

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