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Prayer candles are as old as spirituality itself.  Candles have been found at the tombs of saints dating all the way back to the year 200 ( Candle light has a presence in pretty much every religion.  I respect religious choices, but that’s not what THESE prayer candles are about.  These celebrity prayer candles are more tongue-in-cheek.  They’re fun to check out and amazing gifts for people who are fans of these celebrities… or a perfect gift for the next White Elephant in your future. 

I think most people (myself included) identify more with a sense of spirituality these days.  I mean that with no disrespect to anyone who is a devoted follower of a particular religion.  If it helps you lead a better life, I’m all for it.  Personally, my sense of spirituality is more about respect.  I appreciate that there are forces greater than me in the universe and I want to live my life well and in respect of those around me.  The following list of celebrity prayer candles is meant to be fun, not disrespectful. 

Celebrity prayer candles popularity has been on the rise for some time now. has a great article on celebrity prayer candles. One of the people they spoke with is a producer of celebrity prayer candles.  In the article, the woman, Coates, said, Everyone is a small business trying to make it out there, and I try to focus on me and what I’m doing and being respectful in my own way and having good karma.”  Agreed.