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One of the strangest holiday traditions is the Christmas Pickle. Many stories have developed around the origin but one thing is true, it’s fun! How can you not love a singing pickle? Or a sparkly bedazzled shiny Gerkin in your tree? Or how about Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty?  

Is hanging a pickle in your tree one of your family’s traditions? If someone asked you about the origin, would you say it was a German thing? Many historians and researchers have done their homework and found that the actual origin is more of a mystery. Here are some of the origins, myths, and fun facts. 

Is it a German Tradition? YouGov (translated from German) conducted research that found that only 8% of Germans are aware of the Christmas Pickle and only 2% even practice it. 

Another origin states that a Union soldier survived a Confederate prison by being offered one pickle on Christmas Eve. And when released, this German-born soldier started the tradition of hanging a pickle on a Christmas Tree.  

Did you know there is a Christmas Pickle Capital? Yes! Barren Springs in Michigan is considered the Christmas Pickle Captial and runs an annual Pickle Festival every July (why July?). 

My wife demanded that we have a Yodeling pickle and when I looked it up I was amazed to find the number of different pickles you can acquire. 

  • Classic Blown Glass Pickle

    The classic (dill?) pickle ornament. If you want a no-frills, simple pickle to hang in your tree, this is the one. Made of old-school blown glass.  Get it from Amazon. 

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  • Picklllle Rick!!!!

    If you have a fan of Rick and Morty, this is an easy win for present ideas. I love watching Rick and Morty and the episode with Pickle Rick is one of the best episodes of the series. Spoiler, Rick makes himself into a pickle. Get it from Amazon.

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  • Yodeling Pickle

    My wife demanded we must have a Yodeling Pickle in our tree and so Santa provided. And as Archie Mcphee, the makers of the Yodeling Pickle, it yodels! Maybe so much you may regret getting it. Get it from Amazon.

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  • Shushing Pickle

    Not sure, but this pickle seems like he doesn’t like a lot of noise. Maybe a rude pickle, but he looks cute in his little sweater. Get it from Amazon.

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  • Zombie Pickle

    Are you still not over Halloween? Want it to never end? Why not combine the ever-popular zombie genre with a Christmas tradition of pickles? And with that combination, you have yourself a glass-blown zombie pickle that every horror/holiday lover will want. Get it from Amazon.

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  • Plush Christmas Pickle

    Awwwww. Nothing’s cuter than a plush pickle! My son would love to have a plush pickle and would probably never let me actually hang it in a tree. Perhaps you have a little one or just love plushies, then this would be a perfect choice. Get it from Amazon.

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