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Guess what? It’s getting cold outside! Rather quickly than we wanted I know, but you know what’s best to wear during this time? A hoodie. Nothing better than a comfortable and cozy hoodie that will keep you nice and warm during this cold weather. Now, I know most of us girls enjoy stealing our boyfriends’ hoodies, but there are more hoodies out there. You can add a few cute hoodies to your collection that are great no matter the outfit. From pretty fall colors to bright colors, any hoodie is going to work for the wintertime. But, what better than a unique, music hoodie? A hoodie with some of your favorite artists would be quite cool!

This list is your perfect spot to start plotting some cozy, comfortable outfits. The perfect hoodie fits how you want, goes well with almost anything, and does the one job you need it to – keeps you warm. These hoodies have some of your favorite artists you can think of. From Taylor Swift to Drake to Ariana Grande and even Beyonce! Whether you are wearing your hoodie with jeans and sneakers, sweatpants and Crocs, or even dressing it up with some boots – you can never have too many. I went ahead to gather a list just for you to be able to build up that hoodie collection before the winter time comes. So, sit back and start building up that winter closet so you are prepared. Check out some great hoodies below that you will love to wear this winter. Plus, you can send your friends some great ideas or start gift shopping for some of the people you love. Mix your favorite artists and music with some of the best and most comfortable hoodies.

  • Frank Ocean Blond Hoodie

    Now, let’s start with Frank Ocean. We all know and love the artistry that comes from Frank Ocean. His famous Blond album is one of the most popular. This hoodie comes in brown or sand to give you a few different options. Stay warm, fuzzy and Blonde!

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  • 1989 Taylor's Version Hoodie

    We all know this one! Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour the movie is out and people are locked in every weekend to see it. Whether you saw the tour live or saw the tour in the movie, a Taylor Swift hoodie would be a great addition to your closet this winter. Or maybe you know the perfect Swiftie who would love a gift like this! It’s 1989 Taylor’s Version hoodie in the most perfect baby blue color or get it in black, gray, white, or pink.

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  • Drake "Champagne Papi" Sweatshirt

    Calling all Drizzy Drake fans! This Champagne Papi sweatshirt has some of the best photos of Drake that any fan would enjoy. You can stay warm, but also very fashionable with this sweatshirt. This hoodie goes great with many different bottoms and shoe options, completely up to you!

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  • 7 Rings - Ariana Grande Sweatshirt

    Thank you, NEXT! We’ve got the cutest, probably very comfortable sweatshirt to honor our girl Ariana Grande. Remember when you couldn’t go a day without hearing 7 Rings and Thank U, Next? Well, this sweatshirt is perfect for the person who was obsessed with this music for quite some time. It’s cute and stylish, but still very practical.

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  • A$AP Rocky Hoodie

    Looking for another graphic hoodie for this winter? Then, you can check out this A$AP Rocky hoodie. The graphic is a photo of him with great pink details to dress it up. You can get this comfy, cozy hoodie and add it to your closet.

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  • Olivia Rodrigo Hoodie

    We all know Olivia Rodrigo’s tour announcement was one of the best things we have heard all year. Interested in going? Well, maybe you already have your tickets so why not enjoy a GUTS sweatshirt all winter long while you countdown the days to the tour stop in your city!

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  • Jonas Brothers Hoodie

    When you were younger, were you obsessed with the Jonas Brothers? We all have loved them for so many years and I remember when they announced their tour! So many people were excited to see them live again and live out their teenage dreams. So keep the love going by snatching up this Jo Bro sweatshirt this winter or give it as the perfect gift.

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  • Renaissance World Tour Sweatshirt

    If you went to Beyonce’s World Tour this past year, then you know that this hoodie is nothing but the truth. This tour was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Get this sweatshirt so that you can relive the moments over and over again. Mentally, we’re all still at the Renaissance World Tour and could enjoy this sweatshirt.

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  • Lil Wayne Hoodie

    “Real G’s move in silence, like lasagna.” – If you know Lil Wayne, then you know he is one of the greatest. Snag this Lil Wayne hoodie to honor one of the best icons in the rap game. It’s also highlighting one of his great projects, The Carter IV.

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  • Blink 182 Sweatshirt

    Don’t blink too fast, you might miss this one. It’s the Blink 182 vintage sweatshirt. With so much going on in the last few months and so many shows, you can’t go wrong with a Blink 182 sweatshirt. It never hurts to stay warm and still practical when it comes to your winter clothes.

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