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As someone who definitely needs to do little mind breaks during her workday, I absolutely love things on my desk. Call them distractions if you’d like, but to be able to work for 8+ hours a day without getting up or doing something to relax your mind is not possible for most people. It’s important to find things that will help you destress and distract you so that you can return to your work with a new set of eyes. So, because I’m a huge fan of desk things, here are some desk toys and gadgets that will help you find ways to take a break from your work.  

  • 1) Tabletop Cornhole

    This might not be a game you can play by yourself, but if you a work buddy that also needs some break time it can be good for both of you. Maybe this will even encourage a work table cornhole league, who knows?! In my opinion, this is a more fun version of cornhole because it features catapults. I mean, come on that’s brilliant. 

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  • 2) Desk Yoga Cards

    For some people, relaxing the mind is great when yoga is involved. This is great for folks who work from home or have a good amount of space in their office. The desk features 52 cards that you can do at any time. They’re even split into different types of categories such as Chair Yoga, Standing Yoga, Meditation, etc.

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  • 3) World’s Smallest Clue

    If you need a little bit of a longer break, this World’s Smallest Clue is a great option. Plus, this is a great gift for folks who love solving mysteries.

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  • 4) Work From Home Survival Kit

    Anyone still working from home? This survival kit is a great choice for helping you clear your mind. The kit includes, earplugs, camera covers, a decision coin for pajamas or pants, etc.

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  • 5) Desktop Golf

    This desktop golf set is a great gift idea for the golf guy in the office. It comes with 3 different “clubs” and will help you work on your “short” game.

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  • 6) Paper Football

    This is the ultimate desk game. Instead of having to make the up-rights with your hands, this game comes with actual pieces. You can practice your “football” skills while also taking a break from work.

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  • 7) Mini Tetherball

    I used to love playing tetherball when I was younger. A mini tetherball for my desk sounds perfect! I can already picture just how much fun this could be on your own or with a coworker.

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  • 8) Mini Retro Arcade

    For those of you who love gaming and reminiscing about retro games this machine has 200 retro games built into it. This would easily help you take a brain break.

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  • 9) Zen Garden

    The Zen garden has been helping with mindfulness and stress reduction on desks everywhere for years. This is a great option for those who want to calm their brain and take a very much-needed break during the day.

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  • 10) Fidget Toy Pack

    You can’t go wrong with fidget toys. This pack of 7 has different fidgets that can help you relieve tension, anxiety, and any other stress that work may be causing you on a regular basis.

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