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It’s no secret that Stranger Things love to introduce new and lovable characters every season only to turn around and see them killed off by the very end. It started with Barb in season one, and Bob Newby played by the talented Sean Astin in season two. Season Three was a bit of a toss-up. I will argue that while the major death in that season was, of course, Billy’s, the lovable character death was Alexei the sweet Russian scientist who just loved Slurpee’s. 

Despite all of these prior deaths, the one that has hurt me, and many other fans, the most has to be our beloved Dungeon Master, Eddie Munson. Joesph Quinn not only acted his heart out, but his now iconic scene of playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” has gone viral. And not just because of the scene from the show, but because Metallica themselves not only gave Joesph Quinn and the Stranger Things crew props but because they even did a TikTok and a live performance at Lollapalooza showing the side-by-side of the Season Four scene while playing. 

I could probably go on and on about this whole thing for hours, but the main reason I’m writing right now is that if you’re like me and you absolutely love Eddie/Stranger Things as well as Metallica then you need to grab these items. I’ve found 17 Eddie Munson/Stranger Things/Metallica-inspired items that every fan will definitely want to have.

  • 1) Munson Metallica Logo Parody Shirt

    Why not kick it off strong with a shirt that I will probably live in after it arrives at my house? This Eddie Munson shirt clearly takes some fun parody with the Metallica logo and turns it into something brilliant. These are available in sizes Small through 2XL. 

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  • 2) Master of Puppets X Eddie Plaque

    If you really want to show off your love for this scene this fun plaque is the way to go. And bonus, this Etsy seller is also selling a Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill” and Max plaque so if both songs hold a lot of meaning to you, you can grab both.

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  • 3) The Freak Tee

    This t-shirt from Ript Apparel is stunning. The artwork depicting Eddie shredding it with the background of the red and blue Upside Down is downright incredible. And let’s face it, Eddie’s storyline centered around him being “The Freak,” but we all know that he was a real hero.

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  • 4) Are You Ready For The Most Metal Concert In The History of the World? Sticker

    Excuse me while I shed a tear. Dustin watching Eddie absolutely crush it, Eddie playing for Chrissy, the absolute bone-chilling tension watching those demonic bats come after him will forever haunt me. If you’re looking for a good Stranger Things sticker for your laptop or water bottle this is definitely one of our favorites.

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  • 5) Eddie Munson Most Metal Ever Shirt

    Speaking of most metal ever, this shirt is also incredible. The paraphrased quote with the Hellfire devil logo is a really cool look. It’s available in black and white and in sizes Small through 5XL.

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  • 6) Master of Puppets Kids Backpack

    Of course, we’re not about to only do just Stranger Things stuff. Metallica is the real inspiration here and we’d be silly to not include something of theirs! This Master of Puppets backpack might be an interesting choice for back to school, but your kid will probably be one of the coolest by doing it.

  • 7) Hellfire Club Tee

    While this isn’t an exact replica of the shirt Eddie and many of the other Stranger Things characters wear during the show, we couldn’t help but think how cool this one is. The shirt is very clearly inspired by the original Hellfire Club shirt and we really think it stands out. It’s available in sizes small through 5XL.

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  • 8) The Hellfire Club Replica Ringer Tee

    Yes, of course we had to make sure this was on here. It wouldn’t be an Eddie Munson/Stranger Things list without it! This is available in sizes Small through 3XL.

  • 9) Eddie Guitar Pick Necklace

    Right before Eddie starts to play “Master of Puppets,” he yanks off his guitar pick from his neck and whispers “This is for you Chrissy.” Cue my sobbing. Anyway, this guitar pick necklace is inspired by the same necklace and features a silver stamped Eddie charm as well as a silver guitar pendant.

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  • 10) Obey Your Master Shirt

    I mean come on! This is so cool! The fan artists who come up with these shirts are just brilliant. Plus we love the blue in this one. Great for any Metallica and Stranger Things fan.

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  • 11) Metallica Master of Puppets Pendant

    If you’re into unique jewelry, this Metallica Master of Puppets pendant is really awesome. It features the awesome album cover art as the pendant on a 20″ long silver chain.

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  • 12) Eddie Munson Upside Down Tour 1986 Coffee Mug

    It truly was an experience watching this scene during Season Four. That almost two and half hour season finale has left a permanent impression on millions of fans. And yes, I would 100% drink my morning coffee in this mug and think about all the ways the Duffer Brothers can somehow bring Eddie’s character back (Vampire Eddie?)

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  • 13) Munson/Metallica

    For all of you who love to add cool stickers to your car, I present to you the Munson/Metallica sticker.

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  • 14) Eddie Munson Upside Tee

    I really love the art on this shirt as well! It’s got a very cool rock vibe and the fact that it reminds me so much of the Upside Down makes a big plus.

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  • 15) This Is Music Sticker

    Listen, we all know that Eddie has immaculate taste in music (why else would we be here if he didn’t), so this moment at the start of Season Four Part Two was not only funny, but of course turned into a massive trend on TikTok. This sticker would look great on any laptop or water bottle.

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  • 16) Hellfire Club Vinyl Sticker

    And speaking of stickers of course we had to include this one. This Hellfire Club sticker is going right onto my water bottle as soon as it comes in!

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  • 17) Justice For Eddie Tee

    I knew how I was going to end this list the minute I saw this shirt. This Justice For Eddie tee is not only incredibly apt but a necessity. In my personal opinion, the Duffer Brothers would be silly to not find a way to bring Eddie back into the show somehow. Theories upon theories have been making their way around the internet since the season ended, and while nothing is confirmed I’m hoping for the best! This Justice For Eddie tee is available in sizes Small through 4XL, as well as four different color options.

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