Must Haves

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NFL training camp is officially underway. The 2023 season is upon us. That could only mean one thing, it’s time to start thinking about your fantasy football draft party. And that means, the fantasy football must haves.

It used to be that fantasy football was the game. Then, the draft became the main event of this high stakes, bragging rights competition amongst friends. Now, if you win the draft party, then you had a successful fantasy football season.  

2023 in the NFL aims to be unique. We have Aaron Rodgers leading the Jets, Tom Brady is gone, and the Kansas City Chiefs rule the kingdom.   

With a few pandemic years disrupting draft parties, now that the opportunities to get back together are fully upon us, finding the right draft-day needs is essential to your event’s success. There is nothing worse than hosting the year’s biggest and most important bash and being unprepared. Imagine you went through the effort of securing a room in the greatest chicken wing bar in the town you grew up in, your college buds walk in, and you are found in there rocking nothing but a pad and pen.

While we will not steer you towards how you can order adult beverage bowls or hamburger patties, we will hook you up with the accessories to host the Super Bowl of draft parties. The point is to make it both memorable and festival. The NFL has been flying high with unprecedented success over the past few years. There’s no reason why you can’t lean into that and make your draft party one the crowds buzzes about, too.  

In this fantasy football draft party list, we will think big. However, often that means not forgetting the little things that are necessary for a good time. So you can get back to flipping through your magazines, worrying about your draft order, and compiling your board, we’ll help point out the items you need. Here are 7 fantasy football must haves your party needs.