Must Haves

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NFL pre-season is officially underway. The 2023 NFL kickoff is upon us. That could only mean one thing, Fantasy Football. This definitely means some fantasy football trophies will be disbursed before you know it.

It used to be that fantasy football was about having fun banter with a group of friends or family. If you won some money or a prize as a result that was the cherry on top. It was a chance to get fully invested in watching every NFL game possible. Now, the narrative has shifted and it’s all about one thing. Bragging rights; who won the league and who delivered the best trash talk. On the other hand, the person who came in the last place needs to get just as much attention.

2023 in the NFL aims to be unique. We have Aaron Rodgers leading the Jets, Tom Brady is gone, and the Kansas City Chiefs rule the kingdom. With a few pandemic years disrupting draft parties, fantasy football participants found the dialog between league-mates to be of the utmost importance. So, the 2023 season should represent the biggest opportunity to hoist the fantasy football trophy louder and prouder than ever before.

It also needs to be on display at your draft party, so participants see what they are playing for. They need to have fear instilled in them of what might occur if they were the recipient of the “loser trophy.” While we’ll not steer you towards how you can order adult beverage bowls or hamburger patties, we can hook you up with the trophy options to show off at your draft parties. The point is to make it both memorable and festive. This is an item that may end up as the centerpiece of your living room mantle. 

With these fantasy football trophies, we will think big. So that you can get back to flipping through your magazines, worrying about your draft order, and compiling your board, we’ll help you select the highest and lowest badges of honor in fantasy football bragging rights.