Must Haves

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Now, if you are not a scary movie kind of person like me then this list might freak you out a bit. I love scary movies, but also I love Halloween. Something about the month of October gets me so excited to be scared, but also the countdown to Christmas. Kind of crazy I know, but it’s the truth. But, let’s focus on October and all of the spooky things to come. There is only one thing to do during the month of October, watch scary movies! There are plenty of slasher films that really get my gears going. Everything from all of the Screams, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and one special one is The Exorcist. This year we honor the 50th anniversary of the infamous movie and it’s time to celebrate.

It’s the beginning of October, but we are watching scary movies every week. So, let’s get comfortable and have a good time. This list will be some spooky must-haves to celebrate some of your favorite slasher films. A mixture between things you need and things you just WANT. Check out 12 finds below to honor some of the best slasher films to enjoy any day, but especially in October.

  • The Exorcist Collage Puzzle

    Looking to celebrate The Exorcist anniversary with some brain stimulation. Well, an Exorcist collage puzzle is right here for you. Check out this cool puzzle activity that you can enjoy solo or with someone special. What could be cool is doing this puzzle while also watching the original movie. WHEW, talk about creeped out! I love it haha

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  • Friday the 13th Jason Ornament

    Now, this is really up my alley. I love scary movies and I love Christmas, so this is kind of the perfect mixture. Get a Friday the 13th Jason ornament. Now, I know you only need ornaments for Christmas. But, you can double up the use of this. Have some Halloween décor around the house and then when the tree goes up, Jason gets to enjoy hanging out on the tree as well. Who doesn’t love a cool, spooky ornament to enjoy for more than one holiday!

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  • Scream The Game

    Wow, this I absolutely will have to order for myself. I love the Scream series. It is one of my favorite scary movies to watch and I will sit and watch them all if I could. With a mixture of love for the movies and hosting game nights at my place, this might be the perfect gift. Scream The Game, like hello?! It’s for ages 13 and up, so a few of the kids might be able to play as well.

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  • Michael Myers Travel Bag

    Now, for those who are always traveling or possibly in need of some extra small bags to store smaller items, then this travel bag/tote is great for you. It’s a small little tote that can carry what you need and has the coolest saying. “Feeling cute, might kill someone later” like huh, who says that? Michael Myers probably, so why not feel like him just slightly?

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  • The Exorcist Playing Cards

    Dibble and dabble in some unique game ideas for game nights happening during October. You can play with these cool Exorcist playing cards. Each card has a unique creepy face for you to look at, but it’s still got all the normal cards you need for any and every game. Imagine playing a game of spades with these cards.

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  • Horror Movie Car Fresheners

    Make your car or any area you hang these smell good with these unique, spooky air fresheners. Hang these in your car and rotate characters if you want them to catch someone’s eye everywhere you go. Let the ornaments just do their thing and spruce up your area with some Halloween decor.

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  • Pennywise Coffee Mug

    Sip your morning coffee or late night tea out of this Pennywise mug. You can keep that drink nice and hot while you sit back and cozy up on the couch to watch a great scary movie. Be careful though! You don’t want to get too comfortable and now you’re spilling your drink all over the place with Pennywise sitting back and watching.

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  • Horror Movie Lover Socks

    If you enjoy scary movies, then you should either get these for yourself or tell someone you love that you need them. You can sit back, kick your feet up, and let your guests know what type of time you are on. Scary movies are a great time and why not have the perfect socks to throw on whenever you need to keep those toes comfy.

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  • Horror Movie Cutting Board

    If you are a scary movie lover and one who enjoys cooking, here’s a great cutting board that you could enjoy this entire month. I am a bit of clean freak so I enjoy switching up my cutting boards, so having one just for spooky season would be kind of cool to me. Imagine cutting your meat on a board with a lot of slashers, perfect!

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