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Do you feel like you are always following the trend instead of setting it? Get ahead of the movement with Fringe Mania. That’s right. The fashion statement that made its mark with flappers in the 1920s, then hippies in the 60s and 70s, is back at the forefront for 2024 and I love it.  

Fringe Fashion in 2024

Fashion in 2024 is a blend of basics and movement. And nothing moves like fringe. Fringe was all over the runways for Spring 2024 at fashion weeks across the globe. And it comes in all shapes and sizes! You can wear fringe as an accessory or find a subtle fringe as your outfit staple.  

All the fashion mags are talking about it. In Style calls fringe a trend that will dominate 2024. Glamour calls fringe high fashion for 2024. So maybe it is time to climb up into the attic and dig around for your fringe from yester-year. Or let me help you start a new collection. 

Rules of Wearing Fringe 

As you can imagine, wearing fringe is a statement, and not one that you need to scream about. That’s why you want to limit your fringe to one piece at a time. Feel free to make fringe your “thing” this spring and summer, but that should mean wearing it often, not wearing a lot of it at once.  

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Get Your Fringe On!

  • Fringe Jacket

    I am obsessed with this jacket. How sweet will this jacket look with jeans? Or faux leather leggings? Or, dress it up with a nice pair of black slacks and a white blouse. You. Are. Stunning. And deserve to be noticed. This fringe jacket will get it done. In whatever color you choose! 

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  • Denim Fringe Vest

    This little denim vest is adorable and versitile! You can wear it over a cami, t-shirt, long-sleeved tee, or even a button-down. It is also a great accessory to throw over a simple sundress or little black dress. Spice up your outfit with this sparkly fringe! 

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  • Boho Fringe Vest

    Thank you, Lainey Wilson, for bringing back the bell bottoms. This vest would look adorable with a pair of bells, or even boot cut jeans. Throw your hair in braids, put a scarf or bandana on your head, and wear a pair of sunglasses to complete the look!  

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  • Fringe Body Suit 

    Hot summer nights are perfect for this adorable fringe body suit. If you’re headed out to a concert you can pair it with jeans. Night of dancing with the girls? This top is perfect with a cute denim skirt! Catch the eye of everyone in the club with this top! 

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  • Fringe Boots 

    Mama needs a new pair of boots! These are exactly what you are looking for when you want to make a statement without saying a word. My philosophy on shoes is to buy quality without overpaying. I believe that is what you will find with these boots. Dance the night away! 

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  • Oversized Fringe Shacket 

    This is the stuff outdoor concerts are made for. Fashion looks effortless on you when you put this oversized shirt on over your tank and daisy dukes! It’s all about balance. Be sure to wear subtle, fitted clothing under this oversized shacket to achieve a chic look. 

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  • Fringe Mini Skirt 

    You don’t have to go to Coachella to dress like you’re there. This skirt is nice because it is a full skirt of fringe, rather than just a partial overlay. You will look great from any angle! And when you dance, all eyes will be on you. Wear this skirt to a concert, night out on the town, or bachelorette! 

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  • Fringe Dress 

    I like to think of this dress as the modest approach to fringe. It covers everything and keeps you on point without showing more than you are comfortable with. Style this dress with a denim jacket and a pair of boots for a “going out” look. Or wear it with a pair of sandals for a summer brunch. 

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  • Fringe Bag 

    If you love the fringe but aren’t willing to wear it, why not carry it? This bag will never go out of style. It is a great size and the fringe is the perfect effect without being too flashy. The adjustable strap will allow it to be an over the shoulder or crossbody bag, whichever you choose.  

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  • Fringe Necklace 

    Yes! Yes! Yes! You don’t have to wear fringe made of leather or rhinestones to make a statement. This necklace adds fringe to any outfit for any occasion. I can see it with a tank top and jeans, or peeking through a classic button-down blouse to add a lot of character.  

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  • Fringe Earrings 

    And, not to be outdone, these fringe earrings are the perfect accessory to your boho look. The only time I would double up fringe in an outfit would be to pair these with your fringy-boots, leaving enough space for the eye to rest.  

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