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There are two things beer lovers know are the worst thing that can happen when drinking a beer. Running out of beer and having a warm beer. Sounds silly, sure. But let’s face it, no one likes warm beer. Beer koozies were designed to not only help with the condensation problem but also keep your beer cold and your hands warm. So, we thought, why not put together a list of funny beer koozies that are not only sure to liven up any backyard party or get-together, but also help you with making sure your beer stays cold. Check out our picks below:

  • 1) Parka Puffer Jacket

    We put on Parkas to stay warm. You put a parka on a beer to stay cold. This parka puffer jacket beer koozie is definitely sure to spark a few conversations. Fits a standard 12-ounce slim can.

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  • 2) Beer Prescription Bottle

    This is not your average script. We laughed immediately when we saw this prescription bottle-inspired beer koozie. I mean Dr. Holden A Brewski probably knows what he’s talking about. So, Doc, we’ll listen real good and take our medicine. Fits a standard 12-ounce can as well as 12-16-ounce bottles. 

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  • 3) The Simpsons Duff Beer Koozie

    If you’re a Simpsons fan we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of this one. This Duff Beer koozie is perfect. It would work as a really good small gift idea for the avid Simpsons fan in your life.

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  • 4) Emotional Support Beer

    Some people have emotional support animals, others have emotional support beers. And as always, your emotional support item should wear its uniform with pride. So, we’ve found exactly what you need. This koozie fits a standard 12-ounce and 16-ounce cand and bottles, as well as slims.

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  • 5) Patriotic Beer Belt

    Proud to be an American? How about a patriotic beer belt? This beer belt holds up to 6 cans or bottles, so you can stay strapped all night. Perfect for the Fourth of July, right?

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  • 6) Fishing Vest Beer Koozie

    What two things go better together than peanut butter and jelly? Beer and fishing of course! And if you’re a fisherman then you definitely want to snag yourself this fishing vest beer. It has two layers of thermal, waterproof insulation, and a front-zipper keeps your beer cold, the moisture in, and your hands dry. Not only that, but it also has a D-ring, mesh back, and POCKETS! Seriously, how cool is this?

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  • 7) May The Force Drink With You

    For all of those Star Wars fans out there… may the Force drink with you. This beer koozie fits a standard 12-ounce can or bottle, and it comes in multiple colors. You can also grab multiple koozies so if you’re planning a Star Wars-themed event you can pass these out to your friends.

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  • 8) Father Figure Beer Koozie

    It’s not a dad bod. It’s a father figure. That is probably one of my favorite dad jokes as of late, so when we saw this koozie we knew we had to add it to this list. The fact that it also has the Busch Beer-inspired logo makes it even better. This would make a really fun gift for Dad.

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  • 9) King of the Hill Alamo Beer Koozie

    Want to stand around after work with your buddies and say “yep,” while sipping on an Alamo Beer? Us too. But the coolest thing we’ll get to the actual Alamo Beer is this beer koozie. So, for all you King of the Hill fans, you’ll want to snag this one fast.

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  • 10) Chug Norris

    He’s one of the toughest men alive. And he has tons of jokes surrounding him. So in the spirit of that, this Chug Norris beer koozie is just perfect. I mean who wouldn’t want a Chuck Norris-inspired beer koozie?

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  • 11) The Beast Fist Shaped Beer Holder

    This is just one of those weird objects you own and bring out when you’ve had a few and want to make some people laugh. The Beast Fist beer holder is a cool novelty beer holder that we know someone out there will absolutely love owning.

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  • 12) Shower Beer Holder

    Some people take drinking beer very seriously. So that’s why we made sure when found the item that helps you have a beer even when you’re showering. This shower beer holder suction cups to your shower wall and allows you to do your business while still enjoying a cold one.

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  • 13) Wheel of Fortune Beer Koozie

    This one is… well, I think it says it itself. If you enjoy dry, funny humor this is the beer koozie for you.

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  • 14) Personalized Beer Koozie

    If you want a gag gift or if you’re looking for something unique for a bachelor party favor these personalized beer koozies are the way to go. My personal recommendation is to take the worst photos of your friend’s faces and have that be what goes on the koozie. Keeps things interesting!

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  • 15) Sleeping Bag Beer Cooler

    For all of those fun camping trips, this sleeping bag beer koozie could be a fun addition to your trips. It fits a standard 12-ounce bottle and comes in that fun camouflage green and safety orange.

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  • 16) 16-Piece Beer Koozie

    And because I couldn’t help myself, I decided to add a party pack of beer koozies to this list too. It comes with 16 different koozies featuring a variety of funny beer and drinking-related sayings and designs.

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