Must Haves

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Is your dad a Car Dad? You know the one. He’s the guy who loves cars and everything about them. He loves the way they look and the way they sound. He loves to work on them and clean them. And he absolutely loves to drive them.

The Car Dad will talk about cars to anyone who will listen. He might have a favorite car make, model, and year, or he might love all kinds of cars. Now is the best time to start finding some great gifts for the Car Dad in your life.

A Car Dad is the guy who is always up for taking a ride. He taught you how to drive. He made sure you know how to change a tire and check the oil. He taught you how to handle your car when you’re sliding on ice or hydroplaning.

A Car Dad is a guy who loves taking his family to car shows and races. He lets his kiddos help him work on his car by teaching them about the tools and how to use them. He loves spending time with his kids by putting together model cars. A Car Dad is the guy who has kids who ask people “What’s under the hood,” and “How many miles do you have on that baby?”

For Father’s Day, a Car Dad is the dad that deserves something he can use and think of you. He deserves something from your heart. You know he’ll tell you that anything you give him means the world to him. But you know what he really wants… something for his car. 

Here is a list of great gifts for the car dad in your life that will show him just how much he means to you.


  • Portable Tire Pump

    This portable tire inflator is perfect for the dad that loves the road. 12V DC air pump is compact enough to fit in your car or even attach to your bike and even comes with a case to keep it all together.

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  • Car Vacuum Cleaner

    What car dad doesn’t appreciate a spotless ride? This hand-held car vacuum cleaner comes with a 16-foot cord and the all the attachments essential for the perfect detail job

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  • Cleaning Putty

    There’s nothing more frustrating than having your car detailed and then noticing all the dust and grime in the cracks and crevices. This cleaning putty takes care of it all. It’s like magic!

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  • Funny Car T-Shirt

    Does your Car Dad have a great sense of humor? Whether he’s into hot rods or hooptie rides this punny t-shirt is classic (not old).

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  • Swinging Duck

    Jeep Dad? This is perfect. You know the Jeep wave, but do you know about ducking? It’s when one Jeep owner leaves a little rubber ducky on the Jeep of another Jeep owner. It’s kind of like a secret little code that says, “Hey, Jeep owners are cool.” Let this little rubber ducky swing from your Jeep Dad’s rearview mirror and he’ll let everyone know just how cool he is.

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  • Tire Mug

    Imagine your Car Dad sipping his coffee (or other beverage of choice) from this awesome tire mug! Or he can use it as a pen holder. Either way, he knows you “get” him.

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  • Car Organizer

    If your dad is a Car Dad then he’s probably meticulous about his car. This car organizer is the perfect fit for his favorite ride to help keep it tidy

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  • Perfect License Plate Greeting Card!

    Cards can be a waste but this one has the potential to live forever in the garage.

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  • Can/Bottle Koozie

    If your Car Dad is anything like mine, he’s got a tool in one hand and a beverage in the other. Check out this 4-in-1 cooler perfect for beer, soda, water, etc.

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  • Handy-Dandy Tool

    Every Car Dad can use a tool like this. It’s a flashlight AND a powerful magnet to help you see what you didn’t know you lost!

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  • Personalized Pet Plate

    Looking to push your Car Dad’s ride to the next level? A personalized license plate is exactly what you need – especially if Car Dad is also a Pet Dad.

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  • Baby Onesie

    There’s nothing cuter than a Car Dad working in the garage with his little bean. This onesie is THE. SWEETEST!!!

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  • Blaster Nozzle

    I’m a Jeep Mom and I love washing my Jeep. I get that from my Car Dad who loved washing his car. This blaster makes it easier and more fun!

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  • ArmorAll Car Cleaning Set

    Your Car Dad will really appreciate this pack of everything he needs to make his baby sparkle!

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  • Drying Towel

    Don’t you hate it when you spend the afternoon washing the car, only to drive it again and it’s covered with water spots? No more! This microfiber towel won’t scratch, but will wipe that water away!

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