Must Haves

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Are you a dog parent who doesn’t mind spoiling their animal? I know it’s kind of hard to resist. Our pets are almost like our children in a way. We get them at such a young age and watch them age all while they get to experience life with us as well. It’s something about being a pet parent that really makes for a great moment! Another part that makes having a dog great is when it’s time for the holidays. Now, I am the type of dog parent who doesn’t have real kids yet besides nieces, so during the holidays I get to really splurge. My dog is truly like my child, so why not treat them as such?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year because I am such a big gift-giver. I enjoy giving gifts to those around me and seeing them smile and be happy about the gifts I get. I think so hard when it comes to finding the perfect gift for those I love. Finding them gifts that make them laugh, excited, cry, or all of the above brings me so much happiness. Gift-giving for a dog can be just as amazing as well. So, what gifts should you give to your pets this year? Check out some affordable gift options that your dog would love to unwrap with their paws!

  • Christmas-Themed Dog Toys

    Get your pup a brand new set of some great chew toys that they can enjoy during the holiday season. I know, how many chew toys do you really need but you can’t say no when it comes to your pups. This variety box allows your dog to enjoy great chew toys with holiday colors to match all of your Christmas decor around the house.

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  • Personalized Blanket for Your Pup

    Looking for something to keep your dog warm at night? This cute blanket can be their little safe haven and you can even customize it. Put your dogs name on it and allow them to get the snuggles with their very own blanket. They won’t have to worry about sharing with anyone else in the house.

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  • Rawhide Stocking Stuffers

    Nothing like a good stocking stuffer that you can let your dog chew up! This rawhide stocking stuffers allows your pet to really dive into their stocking like the rest of the family. You can put everything into the stocking and allow them to sniff there way on through.

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  • Personalized Leash Holder

    Here is a great little gift for both you and your pet. You can give them a cute little personalized area where there leashes get to hang. Add there name, a cute photo, and call it a day. It’ll be a gift for you as it’ll add a bit of flare to your home. You can also hang up their little jackets next to the leashes and really enjoy.

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  • Royal Pet Portrait

    Now, I know this isn’t for everyone but this is pretty hilarious and outrageously cute. You can get a royal pet portrait for your pet to honor their royal status. Put this in a space in your house, so that others really know your pet is to not be messed with!

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  • Puppy Scoops Ice Cream

    Give your dog a treat and let them enjoy their own special dessert if you haven’t already. You can allow your dog to lick on this maple flavored ice cream to really enjoy. Maple bacon ice cream for dogs sounds pretty tasty to me for a dog to really enjoy.

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  • Dog Tent

    Now, this is my type of dog bed to aesthetically fit into my home. Here is this dog tent that could be perfect for a cute little puppy who wants some space in their home. You can put this in your living room, bedroom, or whatever is their favorite room of the house. Give them their own little personal hideaway to relax and enjoy.

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  • Personalized Dog Towels

    Anything personalized and custom is pretty much a perfect gift option. Some dogs enjoy their bath time so a little personalized towel could be a great option for your pet to enjoy. Get them their new favorite bath time towel and add their name to it for a great gift.

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  • Large Dog Bed

    Just looking at this, I can honestly say this is probably one of the most comfortable looking beds I have seen. For a dog? I would probably enjoy to lay on something like this myself. Give your large (or small) dog a bed to lay on that will really make nap time the best time. They may never want to get up, because I know I sure wouldn’t.

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  • Dog Raincoat

    The weather can get a little crazy, so why not keep your dog protected? Honestly, this helps with your furniture as well, because now your puppy isn’t as wet as they could be. Grab your pup a new raincoat so that their fur is covered up and not getting rained on. But, they are also still being quite stylish!

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  • Winter Sweater

    Get your pup into the cold weather spirit with a cute, knit sweater. It’s perfect for this time of year if you’re living in a colder climate. Allow your dog to be stylish and still stay warm while they strut their stuff on your next walk this winter.

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