Must Haves

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The Holidays are almost here, and we all know that traveling is big this time of year. Whether you’re planning on visiting family or taking a vacation, going by car or plane, traveling can be stressful. Packing and making sure you have all of your essentials is stressful. But we’ve got some great holiday travel essentials that are here to help make your travels so much easier. These are items that work well for all members of your family and can be used for planes and cars. So, no matter how or where you’re traveling, we’ve got a Must Have item you won’t want to live without. 

  • 1) Weekender Bag

    No matter who you are a weekender bag is easily one of the best pieces of luggage to own. These are so great for folks who aren’t traveling for very long (hence the name of the bag), but they’re also great as a carry-on bag. So if you’re planning on needing more than just your checked bag, this weekender bag can be super helpful. The best part of this bag is that there is a bottom compartment for your shoes specifically! So you don’t have to get your clothes dirty by putting them right next to your dirty shoes. This bag comes in a variety of designs too so if you don’t like the color shown above you can find one that suits your style.  

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  • 2) Packing Cubes

    If I’ve learned anything this year it’s the power of packing cubes. These packing cubes are so helpful for getting everything into your luggage. I’ve found them to be so helpful to organizing my clothing and when I add them into the luggage itself it’s like playing the most beautiful version of Tetris where everything fits. This set of packing cubes comes with 8 different sizes including a holder for toiletries, for shoes, and a laundry bag. 

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  • 3) Portable Mini Refillable Perfume/Cologne Bottle

    Taking your entire bottle of perfume or cologne is not only not TSA approved in some cases, but can also lead to your bottle breaking. That’s why these portable mini refillable bottles are a Must Have! You just add your fragrance to the bottle and take that with you instead. They’re very durable and made of high-quality aluminum so you won’t have to worry about it dropping on the floor and breaking.

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  • 4) Portable Jewelry Container

    If you like to pack jewelry for your vacations, this is exactly what you need. It helps you keep your jewelry safe and all in one place. Plus it helps you avoid some of those nasty tangles when have to throw your jewelry into one bag haphazardly.

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  • 5) Toiletry Bag With Hanging Hook

    If you’re visiting relatives for the holidays or traveling with a large family, this toiletry bag is a great idea. The bag comes with so much room to add all of your toiletries and hair care products that there is plenty of room for the whole family. Plus when you arrive to your destination, the hanging hook can fit easily over a hook on the door or even on the door itself!

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  • 6) Electronic Cable Organizer

    This is such a Must Have travel essential! We all know that technology has about a million and one cords connected to it, right? Half the time you need at least three different cords just for your cell phone, headphones, and smartwatch! So that’s where this cable organizer comes in. You can easily store all of your essential cables into one convenient organizer and then add it to your carry-on or your luggage.

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  • 7) Seat Back Holder

    This is super handy for anyone traveling via plane. Now, there are certainly plenty of planes that have screens in the back of the seat in front of you, but not all of them do. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. If you know you’re planning on having your child watch their favorite TV show while you’re flying, your cell phone might be the only way you’ll be able to do that. This adjustable stand holds onto your seat tray and allows you to watch your programs without having to hold the phone. Again, super convenient for your kids!

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  • 8) AirFly

    And speaking of in-flight viewings, this AirFly is another essential. I love my Apple AirPods. They go everywhere with me. That being said, most airplanes don’t have Bluetooth so you can’t hook up your wireless headphones to the screen in front of you. This AirFly is designed to solve that problem. It plugs into your seats headphone jack and then allows you to connect your wireless headphones via Bluetooth to it. Problem solved!

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  • 9) Portable Cellphone Charger

    These portable cell phone chargers are perfect for traveling. They are roughly the size of a small wallet so you know it’s compact. And it can charge your phone quickly for you! Definitely essential if you have to use your phone a lot while traveling. Comes in blue, pink and black for your preference.

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  • 10) Disposable Tray Cover Activity

    If you have little ones who need their minds engaged, this activity mat is a great option for you. The cover fits right over the seat trays on the plane and has several activities for your little one to partake in. The best part is once you land you can remove it and throw it away.

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  • 11) Memory Foam Neck Pillow

    For long drives and plane rides, a neck pillow is such a blessing! This one is memory foam and has breathable/washable material so you can keep it looking clean always. This kit also comes with a sleep mask and earplugs so if you need to drown out the surrounding sounds this is a great choice for you.

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  • 12) European Adapter

    And if you are a lucky duck who is traveling overseas to Europe this holiday season you can’t forget the European power adapter. The European travel plug adapter turns one European Type C socket into 2 standard American outlets & 3 USB and 1 USB C charging port, max capacity of up to 3750 watts. Double-check the listing for the countries this will work in!

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  • 13) Reusable Snack Container

    I’m a snacker, and although I don’t have kids yet this one looks like a great option for both them and me. You can add multiple small snacks to the spinner and have leak-proof safety so you won’t need to worry about a huge mess. Each compartment holds 1/4 cup of solid food.

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  • 14) Luggage Tag with AirTag Holder

    Lots of folks are using AirTags nowadays to keep track of their luggage. These luggage tags from Etsy are a way to hold that AirTag. You can customize your luggage tag with your name and then insert the AirTag right into your luggage tag itself. Honestly, it’s a brilliant system.

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  • 15) Samsonite Voltage Luggage

    And if you’re looking for a new piece of luggage before you travel, Samsonite is a great option for you. This large spinner has lots of storage space including a Spacious, integrated WetPak™ pocket that keeps liquids and toiletries contained and a TSA Approved lock panel.

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