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Kehlani is a singer, songwriter, and performer who has been a constant voice in the R&B genre for several years. The Oakland-bred artist began in the music industry in the teen group PopLyfe. The group came in fourth place on season 6 of America’s Got Talent, which aired in 2011. Kehlani would later go on to make her solo debut in 2014 with her first commercial mixtape Cloud 19. Cloud 19 was followed by her Grammy-nominated mixtape You Should Be There the following year.

Since their debut almost a decade ago, the R&B singer released albums SexySweetSavage (2017), It Was All Good Until It Wasn’t (2020), and her latest LP Blue Water Road (2022). One large part of Kehlani’s artistry is their advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community even before they came out publicly as queer and began using she/they pronouns. Their advocacy, vulnerability, and deep catalog are the main reasons why Kehlani continues to thrive in the industry. 


Celebrate Kehlani with these Must Haves: 

  • Mentally Dating Kehlani Button

    This Kehlani button would look awesome on any denim jacket or bag. It’s also available as a keychain, magnet, and mirror. 

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  • Kehlani “Nights Like This” Poster

    This poster is in recognition to one of Kehlani’s best songs “Nights Like This” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The poster shows an illustrated picture of the songstress sitting on a cloud while the moon and constellations appear behind her. The print comes in four sizes to choose from. 

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  • Kehlani Illustrated Poster

    Are you a real Kehlani fan if you don’t remember her short hair era? This poster takes fans back to her “Honey” days with her short hair, piercings, and the growing number of beautifully illustrated tattoos. This poster comes is offered in an 11 X 14-inch dimension. 

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  • Kehlani Accent Mug

    Have your next sip of coffee in this Kehlani accent mug. The 11oz mug features the cover to her 2020 LP It Was Good Until It Wasn’t and a selfie of the R&B crooner. The mug is available in black or navy.

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  • Kehlani Vinyl Record Clock

    You’ll never have to guess what time it is with this Kehlani vinyl record clock. The clock is made from real vinyl and a cutout of the singer’s profile and name etched into it. This custom clock is a rare find so get it while you can.

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  • Kehlani Beer Glass

    Drink your favorite adult beverage in this Kehlani beer glass. The singer’s profile is illustrated on the glass in gold with an accompanying illustrated sun. You can choose from either a 16 oz. or 20 oz. glass. Both glasses come with a bamboo lid and glass straw.

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  • Kehlani ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’ Starbucks Cup

    Get your green tea latte in this Kehlani Starbucks cup the next time you are at the world-renowned coffee shop.  The Starbucks cup has Kehlani’s signature pose with the garden hose which is featured on the singer’s 2020 LP. In addition, the cup also has the name of the album and gorgeous pink hibiscus on the drinkware.

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  • Kehlani Sticker Pack

    Decorate your favorite water bottle or notebook with this Kehlani sticker pack! The stickers showcase Kehlani’s different eras in her music from her SweetSexySavage days and her It Was Good Until It Wasn’t moment from just two years ago.

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  • Kehlani Pokémon Card

    We choose you, Kehlani! Collect this Pokémon card to add to your pile of Kehlani must-haves.

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  • Kehlani Ashtray Set

    Your cigarette ashes can find a new home with this Kehlani ashtray set. The set includes a tray, jar, and lighter. You can also mix and match the pieces to make your own custom set.

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  • Kehlani Birthday Card

    Wish your best friend a very happy and “Crzy” birthday with this Kehlani card. The card features an illustrated photo of the singer and a blank inside so you can curate a SweetSexySavage message.

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  • Kehlani Phone Case

    Decorate and protect your phone with this Kehlani phone case. Choose from eight different versions of the case from LP covers and gorgeous photos from the R&B songstress. The cases are available in both iPhone and Samsung phone models.

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  • Kehlani "It Was Good Until It Wasn't" Poster

    If you love Kehlani’s “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” album then this is the poster for you. It features the album art as well as all of the songs. It also comes in multiple sizes.

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  • Kehlani Trinket Tray

    Let Kehlani hold all your small jewelry so that you won’t lose it. This custom trinket tray features a photo of the singer on a blue background with her name inked on the side.

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  • Kehlani Glass Candle

    Next time you’re ready to light up a candle, check this out. The unscented candle is named after Kehlani’s leading single “Altar” from her 2022 album Blue Water Road.

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