Must Haves

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Hey guys! I love to cook and it’s one of the many fabulous reasons my husband married me. I also like to work and move smarter not harder. This includes any and everything that has to do with my kitchen. I made the perfect list of a few kitchen gadgets that will help turn your cooking experiences from harder to smarter. Enjoy!

  • 1. The Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster

    This toaster will probably be one of the best gifts you can give anyone. This toaster first off just looks great. It looks high tech which makes me want it more. This toaster has multiple settings that seem to me to make everything you cook absolutely perfect.

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  • 2. Watermelon Cube Cutter

    I am a country girl. I love watermelon. I like to go ahead and cut the watermelon the second I get it in small cubes. It makes for easier storage. Amazon has come all the way through with this gadget. This makes snacking quicker and easier. If you are a food prep person, this is a good tool to have. 

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  • 3. Sandwich Cutter

    I hate ends! I cant say it enough. This will be a lifesaver for the world of snacking.

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  • 4. Rotating Pizza Roaster

    Where in the world has this gadget been all my life. I think making pizzas together with my kids and family is a really fun time. This may be one of the greatest gadgets of all time.

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  • 5. Kitchen Tool Stacker

    Where is the spatula when you need it? LOL. Its usually in a drawer or hanging. Something of that nature. This tool makes for not only easy storage, but neat storage. This will be a must-have for sure. 

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  • 6. Cars & Trucks Waffle Maker

    This gadget is perfect if you have toddlers. You can make pancakes and waffles in the shapes of cars and trucks. I’m the fun Mommy type, so I would definitely do this. I’m sure my 15-year-old would call it corny, but I can count on my 5-year-old to think it’s fun! 

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  • 7. Old Time Ice Cream Scooper

    Are you an ice cream lover? I am a huge ice cream lover. Ive come to find so many dairy-free options and this scooper will go very well. I know I could just use a spoon, but Im a sucker for kitchen gadgets and this is one I will be a sucker for.

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  • 8. Avocado Tool

    I have got to be honest with you all. It wasnt until recently I started eating avocado and now I cant stop. Im addicted. This tool seems to be absolutely everything! So much so, that Im planning a Target trip just to get my hands on it. The only problem with Target is once you go in, its difficult to only get one item!

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  • 9. Leaf & Lettuce Chopper

    OMG! Where has this tool been all of my country girl life! I remember helping my grandmother cook and I used to chop lettuce or cabbage for her. I had to do it by hand and use a big knife. It made me into the cook I am today, however, I like to work smarter and not harder. This tool is smarter! Goodness! Another reason to take my tail to Target.

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