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Once the vibrant colors of autumn paint the landscape, and the crisp breeze begins to sweep through the air, there’s a special sense of excitement that comes with the arrival of fall. And those days sweep in our cherished traditions of tailgating and trekking to our kid’s sporting events become our new weekend normal. One of the big parts of those events though, is to have a few key items on your person. Every good tailgate needs a variety of coolers, koozies, and cups to keep your drinks cold and your fun levels high! 

When the first hints of fall appear, sports fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming game day experience that tailgating promises. With flags and banners of the teams flutter proudly, creating a kaleidoscope of colors. Laughter and friendly banter resonate through the tailgating area as fans from both sides engage in good-natured rivalry. The sweet aromas of grilled favorites, such as burgers, sausages, and corn on the cob, waft through the air, further heightening the sense of anticipation. It’s a pre-game ritual that brings fans together, with a strong sense of community and shared passion for the sport. 

For sports parents, those late-night practices during the week, and early Saturday morning games mean we all need some great tools to keep our food and drinks cold. So we’re here to help you prepare for the season this fall with all the practical gear you need to celebrate your team in style. Below, you’ll find a variety of different coolers, koozies, and cups that will ensure your game days are amazing, whether you’re at a tailgate or your kid’s little league game. 

  • Large Grill Utensil Caddy with Paper Towel Holder

    If you’re going to go big, you gotta do it right! Not only will this be amazing for a tailgate, but it’s great for any BBQ. The caddy is both a cooler and storage for your utensils. Plus, you can’t beat that paper towel holder!

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  • Drinky Darts Tailgating Game Koozies

    Now, we all know that tailgating is fun in itself, but if you want to have a little bit of fun while keeping your drink cold this is a fun koozie just for you!

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  • Personalized Sports Water Bottle

    For all of you sports parents out there this is a fun item for you or your little athlete! This is a personalized water bottle where you can include your child’s name, number, and sport. Definitely a fun one for bringing to games this fall.

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  • 80-Quart Premium Rolling Cooler

    I know I already said if you want to go big, but this is even bigger! If you are the ultimate tailgater, this is the way to go. It’s an 80-quart cooler so you know you’re going to be able to keep a lot of food and drinks cold.

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  • Cuddy Floating Cooler and Dry Storage Vessel

    This cooler is for more than just your fall sports and tailgating. This one is great year-round. Not only does it float, so all those summer boat trips are going to be more fun, but it works on land too. It’s a 40-quart cooler, but is also has 4 cup holders, so you can have a nice spot for your drinks.

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  • Double Deck Cooler Bag

    Sometimes we don’t want a huge cooler. If you’re attending your kids game on a Saturday morning and you may only need a small cooler to get you through the day, then something like this is the best way to go. This double-deck cooler bag has two compartments for you to keep your food from the sun. The top compartment can help keep sandwiches and other squishable foods from getting well... squished.

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  • Sports Mom Tumbler

    Sports Moms it’s your time to shine! When those early morning Saturday games and practices are in weekly planner, you need a fun cup to get you through the day. This one shows off your sports mom prowess.

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  • Chillout Life Skinny Can Cooler For Slim Cans

    No matter how blazing your garden BBQ gets, this slim can cooler has got your back. It’ll make sure your skinny 12oz beers, energy drinks, and sodas stay frosty for hours on end. This drink cooler has three layers of thermal magic, double-wall vacuum insulation, and has stainless steel with an extra copper layer to lock in the chill.

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  • Simple Modern Officially Licensed NFL Can Coolers

    Get ready to root for your top NFL team and keep your drink chilly too. Perfectly shaped for a slim 12oz aluminum can, this uses vacuum insulation to hold your beverage at the right temperature for hours. And don’t worry about spills because the silicone grip technology has you covered there too.

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  • Cooler Backpack

    Check out this insulated backpack cooler that’s a real champ with a 54-can and 4lb ice. You won’t run out of room with this backpack cooler. And it’s not just about space, there’s a front pocket for your little stuff, side pockets that can handle your wine bottles, and they even threw in a keychain bottle opener.

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  • YETI Hopper Flip 8 Portable Soft Cooler

    The ultimate personal cooler, ready for non-stop sports-filled days. It’s armed with ColdCell Insulation, a closed-cell foam that beats regular soft coolers in preserving coldness. With room for up to 6 cans and ice, it features a 100% leakproof HydroLok Zipper. Crafted from high-density fabric, it’s tough against punctures and UV rays – your reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

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