Must Haves

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I know, I’m the TikTok Queen. When it comes to the amount of time I’ve spent watching TikToks this year alone… I honestly don’t want to see the actual numbers. It most likely will make me feel like I could be doing more with my life. But c’est la vie. Regardless, I spent an astounding number of hours watching people recommend products on TikTok and then buying them so I can tell you guys all about it. And today I have a few lifesaving travel items that TikTok convinced me to buy that I really ended up loving. So, let’s dive in! 

  • 1) Packing Cubes

    It’s not to say that I was a messy packer. It’s just that with these packing cubes things are so much more organized in my suitcase. I’m definitely an anxious traveler and packing makes it a little bit worse. These cubes have helped me on two of my trips now and so far it’s been the best decision. Plus, they’re only $25 and honestly that’s a great price for some more organization. These are also incredibly helpful for packing for long extended trips. I’ve seen tons of people who are going on European vacations that love having these on hand. This set comes with 8 different cubes all for different uses and yes, I use almost every single one of them when I travel.

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  • 2) iWalk Portable Charger Bank

    If you are one of the lucky few who gets to your gate before most of the rest of your flight then this probably isn’t an issue for you (what’s it like being God’s favorite?) But for the rest of us folks who have long travel days and a phone or some other Apple device that will surely need to be charged this iWalk portable charger is the way to go. Of course, just don’t forget to charge it the night before. I personally love the white color, but they also have a black, purple, and pink option for anyone feeling fancy.

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  • 3) AirFly Portable Bluetooth Connector

    Yes, I know that some flights are giving out headphones nowadays, but I love my AirPods. And if you have those fancy noise-canceling ones why settle for some cheap pair the airline is giving you when you can just connect your AirPods to the screen in front of you? For those of you who don’t know, this solves the issue of having your wireless headphones on a plane and wanting to watch a movie on the screen in front of you. The AirFly plugs into the headphone jack and you can connect your headphones right to it. Simple as that! 

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  • 4) Portable Travel Sized First Aid Kit

    I highly recommend taking a first aid kit wherever you go with you. Especially for traveling you never know what’s going to happen. The number of times I’ve gotten blisters and had no bandaids is obscene at this point. Spare yourself the panic of having to try to find a nearby drugstore and just bring a first aid kit. This one comes with assorted bandages, gauze pads, an antiseptic wipe, burn gel, triple antibiotic ointment, and an alcohol wipe. As a single human who travels alone this is the ideal size for me, they do have other sizes with more items if you are looking for that.

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  • 5) FlexFlap Cellphone or Tablet Stand

    If you read item 3 and thought, I don’t need to spend more money on something that I can easy just connect to my own personal device that’s totally fine! I do have a really great option for you though. This FlexFlap is really convenient for holding your cellphone or tablet when you’re in flight. It’s honestly a more stable, travel-friendly version of a PopSocket. I used this recently on my last vacation and I really loved having it.

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  • 6) Reusable Zip Ties

    This may be my holy grail item! I feel like traveling nowadays requires so many cords. I mean I have my phone charger, my Kindle charger, laptop charger, and if you have a tablet or some other device the charges start to add up. The biggest challenge isn’t the chargers themselves it’s the packing of them. These reusable zip ties are genius. You can easily wad your cords up in these and stick them into your carryon that much easier.

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  • 7) TSA Approved Toiletry Containers

    Yes, we all know we need them. But this set has been my favorite I’ve ever used. I have so many different products I need to bring with me. The hair and skincare bottles alone would be taken up if I wasn’t careful. This set not only comes with the clear bag, but it also comes with the jars I very much like!

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  • 8) Mini Perfume/Cologne Travel Bottles

    This is another incredibly lifesaving travel item! TikTok has such a wealth of knowledge and watching people put their perfume and cologne in these before traveling was one of those “duh!” moments. These are the perfect size and you don’t have to worry about your bottle breaking while you’re flying! That’s a huge perk for me.

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  • 9) Travel Cosmetic Barrel

    Now if you’re traveling for a longer vacation and are able to fit your toiletries into your checked bag, I really love this cosmetics barrel. It allows you to put most of your full-sized items into it and I even pack my makeup brushes and things like that with ease. Overall, you’ll have to be careful about the sizes, but this works well if you know 3oz of shampoo and conditioner will not cut it for the trip.

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