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Mean Girls is not just a cult classic. It’s a phenomenon. It’s one of the best movies from the 2000s. From the incredible brain of Tina Fey, Mean Girls is one of the best coming-of-age films that sheds a very bright light on the world of teenage girls and bullying. It has spawned some of the best gifs and quotes, and even a sequel film and Broadway Musical.  

Mean Girls also features some of the biggest names from Hollywood, including Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — and that’s just a few! The star-studded cast delivered a masterpiece, and now we are going to give you some of our favorite Mean Girls items that, no matter what table you’d sit at in the lunch room, you’d probably want to own. 

  • 1) Mean Girls: Burn Book Journal

    Live your best Regina George life with this Mean Girls replica Burn Book. It is a journal so you can write down all of your secrets and everyday thoughts. Besides, a Burn Book is easily the first staple item every Mean Girls fan needs. 

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  • 2) Burn Book Earrings

    Speaking of the notorious Burn Book. How cute are these mini Burn Book earrings! We love how much attitude these earrings command, surely a Mean Girls fan staple.

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  • 3) Pink Sweatpants Jumpsuit

    On Wednesdays we wear pink. Get your hands on these coveted pink Juicy Couture velour set that will have your friends green (or pink) with envy. 

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  • 5) She Doesn’t Even Go Here Shirt

    This is by far one of the most iconic lines in the entire movie. During the scene when all of the Junior girls have to confess the things that they’ve done to their friends the part where Damian proclaims in “disguise,” “She doesn’t even go here” is perfect. So yes, we’re obsessed with this shirt.

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  • 6) Burn Book Dad Hat

    I love this Burn Book dad hat with a white brim. It’s so fetch! No, but on a serious note, what a great gift idea for a true Mean Girls fan.

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  • 7) Whatever I’m Getting Cheese Fries Keychain

    I love these vintage motel keychains. They are eye-catching and are big enough to make it harder for you to lose your keys. This is from another great scene where Regina asks if butter is a carb and then promptly says, “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.” Such a mood if I’m honest.

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  • 8) Saint Mean Girls Prayer Candles

    The prayer candle trend is one of my favorites. And these featuring each of the Plastics are perfect. I especially love that Regina is holding the Burn Book and Karen has the mouse ears on from her Halloween costume. You can grab your favorite character, or all four if you want!

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  • 9) Plastics Club Member Makeup Bag

    This makeup bag is big enough to hold your day-to-day makeup, like lipstick, lip gloss, makeup brushes, eye-shadow, and so on. Just like a true Plastic! Keeps all your stuff nice and organized so you don’t have to go looking for everything all the time. 

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  • 10) Why Are You So Obsessed With Me Sweatshirt

    Okay, this was a low blow on Cady’s part by reiterating the same thing to Lizzy just as Regina had said to her before, but it’s a great line from this movie. And I love this sweatshirt. It’s available in a plethora of sizes and colors.

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  • 10) Mean Girls Pencil Set

    And because I’m nothing if not practical. I love getting engraved pencils like this for a gift for friends. These pencils feature some of the best lines from the film which of course makes them even better.

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