Must Haves

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When discussing the greatest TV characters of all time, it’s basically impossible to not mention Michael Scott. The list just isn’t complete without him. He’ll forever live on in TV glory along with greats like George Costanza, Joey Tribianni, and Eric Cartman. 

I mean, who could forget ‘Scott’s Tots?’ The most cringe-worthy episode of television in the history of sitcoms. Or, all of his famous Michael Scott-isms, where he tries to use a famous quote, but doesn’t get it right. Like the time he confused “Cupid’s arrow” with “Cupid’s Sparrow.” There is no shortage of great Michael Scott moments, and that’s what makes him one of the greatest and most memorable TV characters of all time. He made The Office the massive success that it was. The show wouldn’t have been the same without him, as we saw in the later seasons, respectively.  

I feel like all of us have at one point or another worked with a boss like Michael Scott. Someone who wasn’t necessarily the greatest boss ever, but was entertaining and made coming into work more tolerable. Some of us, maybe aspire to be him. It’s true. If you’re looking for a little piece of Michael Scott to add to your collection, or to show your appreciation for one of the greatest TV characters ever, I’ve got a list of items you’ll get a kick out of.  

Here are your Michael Scott Must Haves. The quintessential items that every fan of The Office will get a kick out of, and your co-workers will, too.

  • 1) World’s Best Boss Mug

    Let’s start with the most obvious item for your Michael Scott collection. It’s Michael’s favorite mug. He shows it off in the Pilot episode and is constantly drinking out of it throughout the show. He shows great appreciation and pride in having the cup, despite buying it for himself. You could be like Michael, not only by having the cup as your own but by buying it for yourself, too.

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  • 2) Men’s Faux Fur Coat

    Michael opted to go with real fur when he got a bonus, and that didn’t go well. You could learn from Michael’s mistakes and go with the faux fur, thus avoiding any paint being poured on you whilst leaving the store. 

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  • 3) Queen Sized Blow Up Mattress

    When Michael was dating Jan, she was clearly quite the bed hog. We saw several times that she would be sprawled out on the bed, leaving no room for Michael. Michael goes as far as admitting that his bed is actually the bench at the end of the bed. It did not look comfortable. Had Michael thought ahead and purchased a blow up mattress for the floor, he could have slept much better. We’ve all been there.

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  • 4) Dundie Award

    You can personalize your own Dundie Awards to give out in the office. As Michael showed, the Dundie Awards greatly improve office morale and everyone appreciates them. Your co-workers will, as well. They’ll hold onto them forever. 

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  • 5) Kangol Hat

    Have a date coming up? Well, if you want that date to go well, you’re going to need a Kangol Hat to throw on. Boom instant charm. Just ask “Date Mike.” All Michael needed to transform into Date Mike was this Kangol hat. 

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  • 6) “Bruce Springsteen” T-Shirt (Huey Lewis and the News)

    Yes, it’s actually Huey Lewis and the News, but Michael doesn’t seem to know the difference. When Michael is allegedly giving away tickets to Bruce Springsteen, he plays several Huey Lewis songs mistaking them for Springsteen songs. So, buy one of your Michael Scott-loving friends a “Bruce” shirt.

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  • 7) Murder At The Motel Game

    When things go wrong, indulging in a fun murder mystery game is a great way to relieve all that stress…at least according to Michael Scott. Just as Michael led everyone in a game of Murder In Savannah when things were going wrong and everyone was upset, you can lighten the mood at the next family get-together with a game of Murder At The Hotel!

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  • 8) Scott's Tots Shirt

    Probably the cringest episode of the whole series, but of course when we found it we had to add it. Michael makes a lot of bad decisions, but this one was a rough one to watch. Regardless, the shirt is still awesome!

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