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Whether you scored a prime reserved parking spot in the coveted Gillette Stadium lots, or you’ve reluctantly handed over some hard-earned cash to one of those enthusiastic parking lot attendants along Route 1, one thing’s for sure: for the bunch of hours before kickoff, that patch of ground you’ve claimed is your home turf. Yep, it’s tailgating time. And when it comes to this pre-game party, nobody’s settling for just “meh.” So, guess what? We’ve got your back with 14 absolute must-have Patriots tailgating items that’ll seriously rock your next pilgrimage to Foxboro.

This isn’t just your average tailgating gear, my friend. These are the MVPs that’ll turn your game-day experience into an all-out touchdown celebration. From the moment you step onto the gravel or asphalt of your tailgating territory, you’ll be armed to the teeth with Patriots pride. Starting with coolers decked out in the team’s iconic logo. And of course, we can’t forget those portable grills. They’re like mini outdoor kitchens that’ll have you grilling up a storm that’d make any chef jealous. And when the New England weather tries to play spoiler, no worries. Our lineup includes folding chairs, blankets, and even portable heaters to make sure you’re cozy no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. 

But hold up, we’re not stopping at just gear. Nope, we’re all about making sure your tailgating fiesta is packed with fun. We’ve got games like cornhole and other tailgate classics that’ll keep folks of all ages entertained. Because it’s not just about the game. It’s about the shared memories and camaraderie that come with hanging out in the heart of the Foxboro action. 

So, as you gear up for the ultimate New England Patriots game day experience armed with this killer collection of tailgating essentials, remember: it’s not just a game, it’s a full-blown celebration of team spirit, friendship, and a whole lot of good times. So get ready to soak up the atmosphere, fire up the grill, and make some unforgettable memories right in the heart of the action. Check out the Patriots tailgating items below. Let’s do this! 

  • New England Patriots Economy Tent

    With a steel frame, this pop-up canopy is a must to shelter your tailgating space from the weather. Be it sun, rain, or snow later in the season, this blue and red Patriots logo’d tent will keep you covered.

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  • Kan Jam NFL Direct Print Disc Throwing Game

    Looking for some parking lot entertainment while the brats cook on the grill? Look no further than the official NFL-licensed Patriots Kan Jam game. Like cornhole or horseshoes, the object of this frisbee game is to toss the disc toward the goal and, with the help of your partner, Jam it in the Kan!

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  • New England Patriots 2' x 3' Cornhole Board Game

    If you prefer beanbags to frisbees, then this Patriots-themed cornhole set might be more up your alley. The set comes with two cornhole boards that both feature a noticeably smooth finish and high-quality New England Patriots graphics printed at the top of each board.

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  • SOAR NFL Shockbox LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Bring the tunes with this Pats-themed stereo Bluetooth speaker. Or maybe you want to catch the pregame show on the Sports Hub App, just pair your phone to this officially licensed NFL speaker with over 5 hours of playtime. 

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  • Rawlings NFL 30-Can Extreme Insulated Welded Cooler Series

    Insulate your game day 30 rack with this soft-walled cooler from Rawlings. Dark blue with the Flying Elvis on the front, this cooler will keep those much-needed beverages cold throughout your tailgate party.

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  • NFL Game Changer Large Folding Tailgating and Camping Chair, with Carrying Case

    You need a place to sit your ass while waiting to head into the stadium, and while we can’t 100% guarantee this tailgate chair is more comfortable than the seats inside Gillette, we’re willing to bet a hot dog or two on it.

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  • New England Patriots Round Table

    You’re always looking for a surface to put stuff down on when you’re in the parking lot. How about this stylish Patriots-branded pop-up table? This round table is collapsible, has a team logo in the center, and mesh cup holder pockets in the table itself.

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  • Charcoal Grill Folding Portable Lightweight Grill

    Not only is this an Amazon choice, but the price is right and 1,000+ reviews can’t be wrong, you need something easy to pack in the vehicle, but give you enough grill space to feed your army of fans, this portable grill is the go-to, in our opinion.

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  • YouTheFan NFL Spirit Series 3-Piece BBQ Set

    Once you have a grill, you need grill tools for optimum barbecue results. This three-piece Patriots-themed set is not only made of durable stainless steel, but in addition to flipping burgers, it doubles as a bottle opener, which is much needed when your friend with the keychain wanders off in search of other parties in the lot.

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  • Franklin Sports NFL Storage Bins - Collapsible Cube Container + Storage Basket

    We’re packing you full of so many tailgate items, you might need some trunk organization to keep everything from sliding around in the stop & go traffic up and down Route 1 to the lots. That’s where these Patriots-themed storage bins come in. Perfect for storing chips, rolls, and really anything else that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

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  • Simple Modern Officially Licensed NFL Tumbler with Flip Lid and Straw Insulated Stainless Steel Cup

    Let’s be honest, the lots open pretty early for those 1 pm games, you’re going to need your coffee. And you’re going to need to keep it at the optimal temperature (ice cold, no matter the weather, right?) That’s where this insulated travel tumbler comes into play. 30oz to hold your favorite beverage while being adorned by the Patriots logo.

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  • New England Patriots Flag

    Like we said at the start, your tailgate space is yours for several hours before and after a Patriots game. Mark your territory in the parking lot by showing your fandom with this Patriots flag.

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  • New England Patriots Fleece Blanket

    Let’s face it, football season gets cold relatively early up here in New England. Throw a couple of these branded fleece throw blankets in the car, just in case there’s a bit of a chill in the air. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Mr. Heater Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

    If the blanket isn’t enough, nor is the hoodie or winter coat you packed for those late-season home games, may we introduce you to what we think is one of the best in portable heating technology? This thing will heat for 6 hours on a small propane tank, or hook it up to a larger one with an optional grill hose, and really get the BTUs pumping in the parking lot. 

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