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With Halloween approaching and the autumn dating season in full swing, “Boo Baskets” have become a TikTok sensation for charming that special someone in your life. It’s likely that if you’ve been browsing your For You Page on TikTok lately, you’ve already come across a wealth of inspiration for creating Boo Baskets.

Boo Baskets are like the spooky version of Easter baskets, filled with Halloween and fall-themed trinkets. They offer a delightful way to share the spirit with friends, neighbors, and children. Once you’ve “Boo’d” someone, they’re next in line to carry on the tradition.

Capture the spirit of Halloween giving with Boo Baskets!

For me, I can’t resist an opportunity to give a themed gift, and Boo Baskets are an ideal way to share a bunch of enjoyable, sweet, and cozy fall and Halloween-themed items with our loved ones. These goodies are neatly packed into an adorable bag or bucket and can range from blankets, candles, candy, snug socks, plushies, and much more. The best part? You can customize it to include items your recipient will adore.

To get started, select your container. If you plan to include larger items like blankets, slippers, or candles, opt for a bigger basket. On the other hand, if you’re filling it with smaller items like candy, fidget toys, beauty products, and socks, a trick-or-treat bag might do the trick as your basket.

The timing for delivering Boo Baskets is entirely flexible. It doesn’t necessarily have to align with Halloween day. Some people prefer to present their Boo Basket at the beginning of October, while others opt for a closer-to-Halloween date.

Now that you’re all set to assemble a Boo Basket for your lucky recipient, keep scrolling to explore basket options and all the adorable items to include.

  • Halloween Storage Basket Cube

    This is ideal for your Halloween treat bag! Not only is it great for storing all your Halloween goodies, but your recipient can also use it as a handy storage container later. It has vibrant colors while maintaining that eerie ambiance. The dimensions of the storage bin are 14 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 8 inches in height. It conveniently folds down for easy storage and can be utilized in various settings.

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  • Halloween Bucket

    If you’re looking to gift smaller items, this unique basket comes equipped with an LED light that offers three adjustable modes: rapid flashing, slow flashing, and a steady illumination. Its generous capacity allows you to store a variety of items like candies, chocolates, biscuits, cupcakes, toys, and other treats. The Halloween Bag measures approximately 23 x 24 cm or 9 x 9.4 inches.

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  • Coffin Letter Board Black With Spooky Emojis

    Keep the spooky fun alive with a coffin-shaped letter board. It’s your year-round source of Halloween vibes and cool decor. Perfect for folks who love indoor decorations, gothic style, skulls, or anything coffin-related, it makes an awesome Halloween gift.

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  • Scented Skull & Spine Candle Kit

    These candle kits are crafted to emulate a real human model, adding an authentic touch to your whimsical gothic home decor with stunning goth-inspired details. Each kit includes one skull, one spine, and two votive candles.

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  • My Last Nerve Soy Candles

    “My Last Nerve, Oh Look It’s on Fire!” Bring a big smile to your friend’s face when they unwrap this candle gift. These lavender vanilla aromatherapy candles have the power to ease stress and lift your spirits. They’ll make a perfect addition to your spooky-themed gift basket.

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  • Halloween Crew Socks

    These crew socks add a touch of festivity to your look and make an ideal gift for family or friends celebrating birthdays close to Halloween. Whether you choose to wear them all through October or any time of the year while lounging with your feet up, these socks are a great choice.

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  • Flannel Fleece Blanket

    Lightweight, cozy and warm. Ideal for lounging in front of the TV or getting lost in a good book on the couch. Whether you’re inside or outside. Plus, it totally adds to those spooky vibes you’re aiming for with your boo basket.

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  • Halloween Slippers

    These slippers are an ideal Halloween gift. The Jack o’ lantern design, complete with festive colors, adds a delightful touch to the Halloween spirit. If your boo basket recipient is a fan of the spooky season, this would be the perfect addition to their eerie collection.

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  • Spooky Plush

    A perfect gift for the little ones or your Squishmallow-loving friend. It’s an irresistibly cute addition to your Halloween-themed gift basket. Snuggle and hug your Squishmallow whether you’re in the car, on a plane, or simply at home, especially during a spooky movie marathon.

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  • Halloween Sensory Pop Toy Pack

    Push fidget sensory pop toys engage your sense of hearing, providing both pleasure and stress relief. In this set, you’ll receive four pop toys designed as a bat, pumpkin, ghost, and spider, all with a Halloween theme. These toys are crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly silicone material.

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  • Witchy Tumblers

    These Halloween theme tumblers are printed with funny sayings like “Witch’s Brew” and “Don’t make me flip my witch switch!” The witch-themed tumblers feature an array of Halloween patterns, including pumpkins, bones, mushrooms, branches, cats, and more, adding a unique touch to your boo basket. Each package includes two Halloween tumblers with different patterns and includes stainless steel straws and brushes for your beverage enjoyment. Additionally, these tumblers come with clear lids, effectively keeping your drinks free from dust and contaminants.

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  • Halloween Pumpkin Bath Bombs

    These 6-pack Halloween pumpkin bath bombs are a must-have for your boo basket. Inside each bath bomb, there’s a plastic round ball with a fun Halloween squishy toy. The toys in the bath bombs include a black cat, white skull, purple bat, white ghost, orange pumpkin, and a white eye, all in the Halloween spirit.

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